Small Space, Peak Performance

by Serena Sawyer, Sales & Design at Kitchen Art Design




As a designer who knows about condo living, I try to maximize every possible place for storage, while balancing form with function. Space is at a premium, and strata rules can be challenging when it comes to layout changes. It’s important to take time to analyze specific needs and create something that really speaks to how the client wants to use and feel in the spaces I design for them.



Small Space, Peak Performance 1

Small Space, Peak Performance 2

For this small condo kitchen, we didn’t have the freedom to change the footprint, so I turned our focus towards function. My client loved to cook and entertain – however pantry items, dishware, and prep space were all very limited.

We started by relocating the sink – this created a larger work-surface and serving area. Centering the stove not only brought balance but was also a preventative measure to reduce the chance of a cooking fire; while the small (but lively) backsplash created a focal point that didn’t exist before.

For the cabinetry, we decided on a clean white to keep everything bright, fresh, and timeless. I noticed a lot of dead space between the stove and fridge, containing a large expanse of drywall. Knowing it contained substantial ductwork and piping behind it, we were able to conceal it with a full-height but shallow 4” deep pantry. This provided all the room required for spices and bottles, while keeping everything easily accessible!

Some 8” deep cabinetry was also added to the back of the peninsula to serve as a space to store extra glassware for entertaining. The countertop overhang was installed to provide a casual place to eat and/or hang out with friends.



Small Space, Peak Performance 3 Small Space, Peak Performance 4

My client absolutely loved the finished product. It was nice to see how excited she was, and she told me it was the first time in years that she really felt at home in her kitchen. This project was incredibly satisfying and reminded me why I love designing kitchens!

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