Investing in High-End Kitchen Cabinets




High-end kitchen cabinets are one of the smartest investments you can make when constructing or remodelling your kitchen.

Cabinets are at the heart of the kitchen design as they represent the majority of its infrastructure. Therefore, having the highest grade of kitchen cabinets in your home has numerous benefits for longevity, durability, style, and value.

Custom kitchen cabinets are built to stand the test of time as opposed to their ready-made counterparts, which tend not to age gracefully and need more upkeep since they are usually made from inferior materials such as recycled wood fibres and low-grade plywood.

When identifying high-end kitchen cabinets, certain characteristics are paramount, namely materials, craftsmanship and hardware. If a cabinetry specimen lacks one of these pillars, it cannot be truly called high end.

For example, suppose the cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and visually perceived as high-quality, but they are made from substandard materials, fitted with cheap slides and hinges, and not made using the requisite manufacturing process. In that case, they cannot be regarded as high-end kitchen cabinets.


If you are not using solid wood, cabinet boxes should always be made of quality plywood, meaning furniture-grade ply that is able to stand up to constant use and perform as well as, or even better than solid wood.

Solid wood doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet frames are standard features in many high-quality kitchen cabinets for their unmatched resilience, toughness and style. However, what is remarkable about plywood is that it holds screws more securely and resists moisture better than alternative materials. Plywood is also resilient to dents and sagging.

Craftsmanship and joinery

The construction of the drawers speaks volumes about the cabinet-manufacturing process. The two high-end options are dowelled boxes and dovetailed drawer boxes made from solid wood material, meaning either birch or maple. These represent the highest quality of joinery on the market, as opposed to standard, everyday drawers, usually joined by gluing the cabinetry components together and using stapled corners for reinforcement.

Drawer slides

Although not a much-discussed detail of high-end kitchen cabinetry, drawer slides are very important. To get the best quality, which will stand up to wear and tear and years of heavy use, you should opt for full-length under-mount extensions and soft closing brackets to minimize breakage.

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Hinges are also oftentimes overlooked since many homeowners are unaware that they are available in different grades. Use only sturdy and stylish hinges which feature soft-close technology to minimize damage from consistent use and reduce or eliminate noise.

Cabinet finishes

Finishes such as the drawer handles, faucets, and sinks, separate a magnificent kitchen from a nice-looking one, as they elevate the aesthetics in a subtle way and help to direct the eyes to your cabinets.

Among the most popular high-end cabinet finishes are chrome, copper, brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel, brass, pewter, matte, crystal and glass.

Kitchen cabinet design trends in 2020 and beyond

In 2020, there has been a preference for a mix of traditional looks and modern takes on kitchen cabinets. While there is a tendency for designs to change over time, here are some of the most preferred kitchen cabinet trends expected to make their way in 2021:

Open shelving

Open shelving is favoured by people with smaller kitchens and minimalists who prefer simple design. Open shelves allow you to prominently display your favourite kitchen items or those you frequently use.


Open frame kitchen cabinets

Open frame kitchen cabinet doors are a hybrid of open shelving and traditional cabinets, as they feature glass panels that showcase the items inside. Traditionally, these were used to display fine china or barware. Nowadays, many people are using this kitchen cabinet design for everyday items, as it creates the illusion of open, larger and brighter kitchens.

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Shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are becoming the standard in the construction of new homes as well as kitchen renovations as many people opt for the modern, sleek and simple style over the traditional square, raised cabinet doors. These cabinets maintain their depth, which comes from having recessed doors, and their simplicity gives leeway for you to have colourful or busy backsplashes, countertops, or flooring.

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Slab door cabinets

Slab door cabinets are highly popular amongst millennials. These sleek cabinets, with their flat and frameless fronts, allow for an uninterrupted flow.

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Transitional kitchen cabinets

Transitional cabinets pair traditional looks with more modern pieces. For example, this cabinet type can comprise traditional cabinet designs with modern hardware or modern shaker cabinets combined with a more traditional open frame display cabinet.

High-end kitchen cabinets in Richmond, Surrey and Coquitlam

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