How You Can Increase Your Home’s Value With a Kitchen Remodel




The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house for many reasons. A great remodel of this room is one of the highest ROI investments you can make in a home. Get this right and real estate agents will love you!


Why does a kitchen remodel increase the value of your home?

Upgrading your kitchen is such a great ROI move that even people outside of real estate know to do it. But why exactly does remodeling the kitchen raise home values? The kitchen is the centrepiece of the functional home. Because of this, it is also one of the most expensive rooms in the average home. Usually one of the larger rooms in terms of total surface area, it is also full of accessories and appliances that cost most households a pretty penny when they need to be upgraded.

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How do you use a kitchen renovation to increase the value of your home?

  • Lighting – The right lighting can expand a cramped room without breaking any walls, making it potentially one of the least expensive upgrades you can implement. Great lighting also contributes greatly to accident prevention – unintended mistakes are much less likely to happen in a kitchen that is well lit than in a room that is dark and confusing.
  • Stainless Steel – Investing in stainless steel appliances is a great way to add a modern flair to your kitchen. Stainless steel always seems to catch the eye of high-end buyers at the open house as well.
  • Energy efficiency – Going green is profitable now as well. Not only do you save money on the power bills while you are in the home, but you can also demand a premium when you decide to sell because of that very cost efficiency.
  • Thematic design – Taking the general theme of your entire home into account is essential for maximizing ROI in your kitchen upgrade. Your theme will make all of the difference in the materials you pick and the style of the finished product. The more uniform the home, the more likely you get a high ROI from your changes.
  • Moderation – Putting deluxe luxury upgrades on your kitchen may not necessarily be the most profitable endeavour. If your kitchen outclasses the rest of the home, the upgrades that don’t fit in with the rest of the home will not be taken into account.

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How does cabinetry relate to renovating your kitchen?

As a central feature of your kitchen both functionally and aesthetically, your cabinets have the potential to add a great deal to your kitchen upgrade.

You can improve cabinets in many different ways – extending them to the ceiling, repainting the surface or completely redoing this part of the kitchen. Make sure that you recognize a common theme for the entire kitchen before going in on your cabinets. The last thing you want is a bunch of finishes clashing between your wall cabinets and the ones that are in your island.


What can custom cabinetry do in terms of style and function to improve the value of your home?

If you upgrade to custom cabinetry, you gain even more leverage to add value and style to your kitchen than you would with a template or an uninspired design. Not only will you have a unique flair that will give your home a centrepiece, but you will also have a design that will give your home leverage in the market when it is time to sell.


What areas in the kitchen have the biggest ROI?

  • Cabinets – There is a reason that we spent so much time on cabinets in this article. Your cabinets are much more than simple storage. This is one of the parts of your kitchen that naturally catch the eye. Cabinets also take up a great deal of surface area in the average kitchen, so when you change something here, you are making quite a significant change.
  • Appliances – Having consistent appliances will ensure that your kitchen brings major value to your home. If you are looking for a failproof infrastructure, stainless steel should be your go-to material. Alternatively, you may also go for gleaming white or matte black as long as you get appliances that have a smudge-free finish. Give yourself an accent piece with a bit of flair in one of your amenities like your butter tray or icemaker.
  • Kitchen island – The modern kitchens that sell the easiest are the ones with an island. Kitchen islands are the perfect mix between entertainment and utility. You also put everything in reach with an island, especially in a larger kitchen.
  • Countertops – Go for durability as well as aesthetic when you change out your countertops. If you are skilled enough to pick a material that looks great and repels scarring, then you have a feature that will add loads of ROI to your home value. Quartz is a highly durable and quite inexpensive countertop material that performs at a high level, even in high-pressure households.
  • Hardware – A genius once said that the devil is in the details, and your kitchen is no different. Change out your worn pulls and doorknobs with a fresh look and watch how your kitchen seems to light up from all angles. Improve your ROI even more if you replace old hinges with a more modern option that hangs from the interior. This will give you leverage with buyers who are looking for a sleek, up to date look (which is virtually everybody in the current market).


Take the tips above to heart and watch your home value soar as you expand and liven up your kitchen. Whether you are tweaking a few details for your own purposes or giving a complete overhaul for the home sale down the road, make sure that you stay true to your vision. After all, you are the one who has to live with all the changes!

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