How To Prepare For Your Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It is the place that families and friends congregate. According to it is also one of the easiest and best ways to increase a home's value, which is why so many people complete kitchen remodels every year. Like any remodeling project, a kitchen renovation is made easier when you are properly prepared. From learning how to make the right type of meals, to factoring eating out expenses to your budget, the following five tips will help you to keep your peace of mind and go about your day with minimal interruptions as you wait for the kitchen of your dream to be built.

Tip #1. Create A Temporary Kitchen Stand-in

Eating out might seem like the thing of dreams (especially to children), but it can quickly become expensive and tiresome. The same can be said for take away meals. In order to avoid these kitchen renovation woes, you should plan on creating a temporary kitchen stand-in. Your temporary kitchen should be out of the way of construction. It should have access to water and electricity. Whether you are lucky enough to have an in-law suite that you can transform into a temporary kitchen, or decide the office is the best fit, you can outfit a portion of your home into a space where you can prepare meals and enjoy some time with your family.

Tip #2. Plan Meals Around Small Appliances

Your temporary kitchen will hopefully have a few small appliances, including a toaster oven, microwave, hot plate, and small refrigerator. With this in mind, the temporary kitchen isn’t the right place to make a large feast. Instead, you should plan on making small and delicious meals. Pasta, rice, vegetables, and salads are a great place to start. To jump start your thinking you can also subscribe to recipe boxes, such as Blue Apron, Fresh Prep, or HelloFresh. The recipe boxes typically include all of your ingredients to make easy meals that don’t require large appliances.

Grilling Outdoor | Kitchen Renovation Vancouver | Kitchen Arts Design

Tip #3. Put Your Grill to Work

Did you know that with a bit of innovation, your grill can cook many of the same meals as your large oven? Roasting meat, cooking vegetables, and even making a pizza can all be accomplished with a grill. The best part is that if you have a grill, and the outdoor space, then you can take a break to enjoy meals outside of your home’s construction zone while your new kitchen renovation is in progress.

Tip #4. Factor in a higher food allowance into your kitchen remodeling budget.

It is easy to become stressed during a kitchen remodeling project. To avoid financial stress, you should factor in a higher food allowance into your remodeling budget. The higher food allowance is due to the number of meals that your family will enjoy at restaurants or as take away meals. By making a budget, you can be better prepared for the higher than usual meal costs.

Waiting for the Arrival of Materials | Kitchen Renovation Vancouver | Kitchen Arts Design

Tip #5. Be prepared for the days when you can’t see any visible progress.

Each component of your kitchen remodeling project will involve a specific timeline. With this in mind, there will be days when you are twiddling your thumbs. Be prepared for the days when you have to wait for materials to arrive or an inspection to be completed. If you are becoming frustrated, just remember that your dream kitchen with ample storage, natural light, and all of the room that you need to prepare and cook delicious meals will soon move from a dream into a reality.

With the help of the above five tips, renovating your kitchen can become a hassle free experience with minimal interruptions to your daily life. Remember that your journey to a beautiful kitchen is made easier when you work with a trusted team. Kitchen Art Design is proud to offer custom cabinetry and millwork that will transform the heart of your home into an impeccable interior that will generate a smile each time you walk into the room. To begin your kitchen renovation journey, we invite you to contact a member of our team today.