How to Pick the Ideal Countertop for Your Kitchen

You have more options for your kitchen countertop today than ever before. More information about the different kinds of countertops available means less intimidation when choosing between a myriad of viable options. After you learn the advantages of each type of material, you can pick your new countertop based on your priorities. Here are some of the most important characteristics of popular kitchen countertop materials, organized so that you can make a more informed decision when it is time to upgrade this very important piece of your kitchen.


The natural beauty you get from this pristine looking compound is unmatched. In return, you will need to give occasional maintenance in order to keep that day one look. The best granite comes from China, Italy and South America – do not be fooled by imitations. As your kitchen designer about the subtle differences in granite from different parts of the world.

Granite is considered one of the less durable materials considered here. In order to keep it looking good, you should seal it every 10 years or so to protect against oil and staining. If you keep it up, the movement in the colours creates a visual masterpiece with each slab. Its cost is midlevel to high.


If you want an elite look without the need for high maintenance, then quartz may be just the countertop material for you. Quartz is great for kitchen countertops that will endure high traffic in the kitchen or the abuse of kids in the home! It is also less likely to stain than granite, but you should invest in darker colours to ensure the most durable look.

Quartz is a natural material that is known as one of the hardest minerals on the planet. However, all quartz is not manufactured the same. Look for high quality through the rating given by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). You want quartz with at least 93% natural material and around 7% pigments and binders for best results. The finish is usually glossy, and the price is relatively high when compared to other common countertop materials.


Marble is usually best for a low traffic kitchen that you will not subject to intense cooking day after day. The natural look of marble is exquisite but delicate. It has an extremely porous surface that needs consistent maintenance in order to retain that day one look. Marble is one of the easiest materials to cut or stain.

Marble Kitchen Countertop | Kitchen Art Design

The upside of marble is simple: It is absolutely beautiful. Marble has a luxurious look that everyone will recognize immediately. You can find it in a range of finishes, from a classic traditional glossy to leather. The price is usually very high.

Solid Surface

If you are looking for a kitchen countertop material that is highly durable and flexible enough to use for any sort of kitchen, solid surface synthetics may be just for you. Private manufacturers give us different kinds solid surface made from various derivatives of minerals and binders. The quality of the product will vary, so make sure to consult the opinion of a professional designer before committing to anything.

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop | Kitchen Art Design

Although solid surface does not necessarily give off a luxurious look, it is one of the easiest countertop materials to mould to your preference. The material always looks seamless, and it is simple to incorporate any kind of sink into the countertop you want. It is highly durable because of its non-porous nature, and it is also heat and stain-resistant. You can also easily buff out scratches. The Colour is consistent, and you will usually find a matte finish on this material. You can expect to pay midlevel to high prices depending on the quality and brand behind the material.

Solid Wood

Wood is one of the more traditional countertop materials that give your kitchen an automatic focal point. The character of solid wood tends to naturally draw the eye. It works especially well with wooden floors and if you are trying to make a smaller kitchen look a bit bigger.

Although solid wood is one of nature’s strongest natural materials, it is usually not recommended as a kitchen countertop surface. The beauty of wood is not easily maintained – it is rather easy to scratch. Wood also damages easily when put into contact with water and steam. If you don’t mind doing a little DIY sanding and oiling every now and again, then you may not mind this maintenance work. Make it happen, and you will have one of the best matte finish materials on the market. You will pay midlevel to high prices based on the quality of the wood you choose and the brand.


Often used as a stand-in, the inexpensive but durable laminate is perfect for kitchen designers who want to create a professional look on a budget. Laminate is synthetic and definitely looks it, but you have the ability to choose between a growing variety of pattern and colour options today. The advantage of laminate synthetics is the consistency of the look you can achieve.

Laminate is highly resistant to any sort of abrasion. It is perhaps the easiest material to maintain of any on this list. You also get a wide variety of finishes, from matte to extremely high gloss. The price is also great. When you get ready to upgrade, laminate can be easily taken off of your countertop to make way for the more expensive material as well.

One of the most important features in your kitchen is your countertop, and durable, high-quality materials will make a huge difference in the quality of life you maintain in the kitchen. Use the best practices above to ensure you get the most cost-efficient materials and build without losing out on any quality. When you need a kitchen design partner with decades of experience, one who can give you a kitchen that truly speaks to your unique perspective, give us a call or an email.