Expert Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation or New Build





With the recent pandemic-driven flooding of the housing market, the near astronomical prices of buying a new home paired with the limited options on the market are forcing many to stay in their current homes and turn to the logical next best option – renovations. Or alternatively, we have seen many people buy properties just to tear them down and build their own new homes.

Which brings us to the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and is widely regarded as the best room to invest in in order to both improve your quality of life, and increase your home’s value.

With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Alair Homes to interview Justin Endresen. Justin is a partner at Alair Homes, a building company based out of Maple Ridge that we have collaborated with regularly. For this article, he is going to talk about his Top 5 Home Renovation & New Build Tips to guide homeowners through the process.


1. Why is having a builder important?

For most people, this is a big undertaking and one of the most expensive purchases they may ever make. Having a builder guide you through this process provides reassurance and helps diminish the risks of doing this on your own.

We help mitigate risk throughout the design stage. We can also provide insight into architectural features that can double or triple your budget. We have years of knowledge and experience and can help guide you through this life event, providing solutions and educating you on best practises.


2. When is the best time to bring in a builder?

It’s always a good idea to consult a builder on day one.  There are many zoning requirements and municipal hurdles to navigate, and it’s best to be aware of them as early as possible.

When working with Alair Homes, we can help you look into what can be built and done on your specific property. We can also help walk you through all the steps required to complete your project, while also mitigating risk and managing cost and efficiency.

A lot of clients reach out to a designer first. It’s not a bad thing, but we suggest connecting with a builder before you get too far down the road. No matter how big your project, start by building the right team. At the very least, we can provide you with some insight to get you started or send you a few referrals to local designers we’ve worked with and trust. Be sure to work with people who know the local zoning and bylaws inside and out.

Expert Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation or New Build 1

3. Is it helpful to have a cabinetry designer?

Cabinetry designers help design and provide solutions for all your storage needs and make your kitchen function to the best of its ability. They have the experience to foresee when those corner cabinets will hit each other, or if the fridge doors will work within the space. We highly suggest using one as they can provide us with 3D renderings to ensure your vision comes to life as planned.

Expert Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation or New Build 2

4. What is most important to be aware of when it comes to cabinetry for the kitchen, versus bathroom, versus elsewhere in the house?

Planning is so important. Planning properly means eliminating mistakes and spotting design layout features or flaws that you may have overlooked.

You might find a great deal and a layout that you love. But once you pick appliances, a sink/faucet, materials, you may find it doesn’t work in that space. You have no idea how often we see this happen!

We can look at each room and its functionality, to figure out how it will actually be used each and every day. We hope to inspire you, get your ideas flowing, and can help weed through what you really need, what will work, and what you’ve always wanted.

Expert Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation or New Build 3 Photo credit: Alair Homes

5. What are the most common mistakes that come up in a new build or renovation project?

Common mistakes come in many shapes and sizes but most of them come down to poor or non-existent planning. We see many clients try to overdesign cabinets or furniture into a room layout. In the end, it doesn’t work and can be so costly to fix.

We also see colours that clash if you don’t design everything in unison. A good flow from room to room is so important and needs to be thought out.  We want to foresee any issues before we swing a hammer. By building a solid team, we can mitigate common mistakes that might go unnoticed until the end of the project.


Expert Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation or New Build 4 Photo credit: Carsten Arnold                               

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