5 Holiday Decorating Trends You Need to Consider

5 Holiday Decorating Trends You Need to Consider 1

The holiday season is here! Be prepared to be inundated with an influx of holiday cheer, parties, get-togethers, parties, gift exchanges, and gathering with friends and family.

No matter what you celebrate at home, chances are this time of year means coming together and cooking up a feast of delicious treats and making a beautiful, glorious mess in the kitchen to share.

In this post, we’re sharing some of the most inspiring holiday colour palettes and decorating tips for the kitchen you need to consider for this holiday season.



5 Holiday Decorating Trends You Need to Consider 2


The holiday are about more than food, gifts, and parties - the overarching zest of the holiday spirit has, and will always be, about richness; that goes for colour palettes too!

Consider accenting your kitchen space with a rich, luxurious dark blue or an earthy green hue to accentuate the Garlin, the tree, and the overflow of red that seems to creep its way in unchecked every year. The deep, organic, and rich hues of these tantalizing colours pair well with wood cabinets, slick and crisp whites, and neutral tones like greys and creams.

Candles are a staple experience of Christmas decor and other holiday medley’s, but they also add a sense of drama and another layer of richness on top of your colourful accents. The warmth of the candlelight compliments blues, greens, reds, and spices up the classic white modern kitchen space. If you’re nervous about lighting a plethora of candles with little ones or pets around, flameless tea lights and candles are a great way to benefit from the style, without the added hazard of an open flame.


Bring the Outdoors In

Garlin is another common holiday decor signifier that helps to bring the crisp and fresh scent of the winter wonderland inside - but it’s also a dated decoration tip; these days, consider turning tradition on its head by bringing in birch branches to bundle together in the corner of the room, accented with pine and spruce bows.

Outfit your dining room table fruit bowl with mix-matched pine cones, fir, or spruce - place wreaths inside your living room windows rather than on the front door. Rather than decorating the windows every year, try decorating the buffet, the side table, or the ceiling itself to create a killer canopy of festive cheer.

For most households, Christmas is reserved for the living room or the family room space - but a small, no-fuss tree in the kitchen (space provided) is a great way to bring the holidays into the kitchen without going wild on adding other clutter to countertops and other valuable real estates. Opt for a 4-5 footer to place in the corner for some recognizable festive cheer that stays out of your way.


Display Food & Your Cooking

Your kitchen is a kitchen, after all - so start to think of your unique holiday culinary creations as the perfect revolving decoration additions to the island, dining table, or the breakfast nook table. They add a no-fuss, natural, and understated appeal to traditional winter decorations.

Strategically place a tray of fresh-baked cookies, cinnamon buns, gingerbread houses, striped straws, chestnuts, or a variety of hors d'oeuvre’s. Pair your cooking with candy canes, toothpicks, cinnamon sticks, oranges, etc to help create a showpiece of edible decor to boost the functionality and accessibility of your kitchen space.

Go the extra mile and throw together a chic (and highly coveted) hot chocolate station when you’re throwing a party or a holiday dinner. This is a great time to use your seldom-used china, a teapot, glass/silverware in a special setting. You can thank us when this becomes a new annual family tradition.  


Monochromatic Style

Adding a blast of colour can be overwhelming when the holidays are concerned. Typical holiday colour palettes are consistently bold and in-your-face - and should you have an all-white or a monochromatic kitchen, adding the extra colour can be confusing and cluttering to the eye, helping to eliminate the strong, linear sightlines you’ve worked hard to achieve with a modernist space.

Work with small white decors like cutouts, candles, trees, toy reindeer, porcelain or glass pieces, and other trinkets to bring the holidays into space while leaving the massive blast of colour for other spaces. Further, white pieces pair exceptionally well with your Garlin pieces, wreaths, and other greenery.

Aside from white decor pieces, you can also add white lights as a trending decoration that’s perfect for the kitchen space. Light is never wasted in a culinary space, and the off-white, or warm yellow lights create a warm contrast to monochromatic designs. Lights are fantastic to integrate into centrepieces, and with glass pieces.


Embrace Classic Patterns

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The holidays are a great time of year to embrace traditional and timeless patterns into the room. During the summer, we’d never think to outfit our space with plaid or tartan prints and patterns, canvas, or wool textures, but for whatever reason - when the snow comes, out come the plaid shirts, hats, and wooly sweaters.

Extend this trend to tastefully adorn your kitchen; tea towels, pillows, tablecloths, and runners, bows, etc - it’s perfectly paired with classic winter greenery and wreaths, and helps usher in a cozy, inviting spirit that hits all the right holiday notes.



In this day and age, not just the front entranceway or the eaves troughs should get to benefit from the joys of holiday decorating - decorating the heart of the home is an incredibly uplifting way to boost your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Solstice, (and let’s be honest, Boxing Day) spirit.

Happy Holidays!