4 Reasons to Work With a Cabinet Designer

If you have a working knowledge of designing and building cabinets, good for you! There are many DIY projects that you can take on that will give your home a unique look and save you money. However, cabinet design is probably one of the projects that you should partner with a professional on. Why? Cabinet design is one of the more detailed projects that you will ever take on in your home. It will have far reaching repercussions not just on your design, but on the overall value of your home. There are many benefits to working with a professional cabinet designer that you may not have thought of. Let's take a look at some of the most important of these advantages so that you will have a full scope of how a partnership with a cabinetry professional can help you (and even save you money in the process).

A Better Overall Vision for Your Home

You are the one who has to live in your home day in and day out. However, the vision of what your home can be may be limited by this same expertise. Your professional cabinet designer partner makes it a point to understand the full range of designs that are making waves in modern real estate. What works for another home may not work for yours.
The first reason to invest in a partnership with a professional cabinet designer is the vision that you get – an expanded vision that will include many other factors that you may not have the time or the manpower to research. Consider that your cabinets will be with you for decades after you select them, and they will be the first thing that a buyer sees once you get ready to sell your home in the future!

4 Reasons to Work With a Cabinet Designer 1

Insights into Current Trends

It is essential to understand trends in not only cabinetry, but also in general real estate. You can get a general idea of these trends thumbing through magazines or looking online. However, you cannot fully understand what the trends in real estate mean unless you are taking tours of people’s homes on a daily basis, looking at what cabinets do to the landscape in person. This is exactly what a cabinet designer does for a living.
You want to have a cabinet design that is up to date, for sure. However, you do not want to be stuck with a design that will not stand the test of time. Your cabinet designer has seen trends come and go. He knows what will last and what is just good for today. Trust in this kind of experience for your long term design.

Access to Quality Materials

A great cabinet designer will have access to more materials than the average DIYer. How is this possible? Everyone has access to the neighborhood home supply store, correct?

Correct. However, everyone does not have access to the customized, premium materials that manufacturers save for their best clients. Who are the best clients of these producers? Designers and other real estate professionals. Because these people tend to order in bulk, producers and manufacturers of great materials are much more likely to consider this business when looking at discounts on the premium stuff. Think of your order from a businessman’s perspective. Would you take the time to cut premium designs for someone who is only going to need you once every 10 to 15 years or so? It’s just not worth the business to take time with you individually.

It is, however, worth it for these manufacturers to take the time with designers. Designers come in on a daily basis with new business.

Cost Effective Planning

Once you have the right materials in place and the vision of your design clear and complete, you need someone who knows from experience exactly how much this is going to cost. You rely on design professionals to provide you with estimates that you can depend on. This is one of the main advantages of stepping away from the world of DIY. You may have a general idea of how much materials cost, but you often do not take into consideration the extra odds and ends that will eat away at your budget.

Again, this is what a design professional does for a living.

Your kitchen cabinet designer will know if your new design requires a bit of retooling around your kitchen. You will know this up front when you do business with a pro designer, and you will be able to prepare your budget for it.

4 Reasons to Work With a Cabinet Designer 2

Building Within Estimates

Lastly, but most importantly, your designer will be able to build within the time and cost estimates that you all set at the beginning of the process.

It is essential for the value of your home to take on designs that cost less up front and make money on the back end. This is a perspective that your cabinet designer will give you from experience. You will also have a much better upfront estimate from a professional designer because he will be able to tell you exactly how long his previous projects have taken.

The custom cabinetry and millwork from Kitchen Art Design is designed to deliver best-in-class projects on time and on budget, without any hassle, and we have done this for 40 years!

We’ve been around for long enough to know what questions to ask about cabinets, partnering with leading designers and contractors to get the job done right. We operate strictly under three foundational elements – integrity, quality and transparency. That means being upfront about the details that matter most, and sticking to our estimates.

Our work is upholding your reputation. We do whatever it takes to deliver the look that you are known for. We stand by our cabinet work, offering a limited lifetime warranty on our products for your peace of mind. Give us a call or an email today to get started.