What Are the Main Components of a Kitchen Re-modelling Process?

During a kitchen remodel the right way is not a short-term process. If you want to get top-notch service, you are looking at a minimum of two weeks. Some major renovations may take more than a year. In general, you should look for a kitchen remodel that changes layout and structure to take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Individual renovations will always differ from each other in terms of the small details. However, you can always expect a renovation to encounter the same important steps in the same order. If this general outline is not followed, you will probably run into bottlenecks or interruptions in the process.

Making a Plan

What is the scope of your project components? How much will it cost? These are two basic questions that should be answered early on in the process. One of the best techniques that you can use for a successful envisioning is to start with the end. Dream big, and don’t let any budgetary concerns kill your dreams at first.

Once you have your ideal kitchen, you can work with a designer to bring your dreams back into the practical world. A professional designer will be able to tell you if you can get all of the changes that you want. Here’s a benchmark that you can always trust: A significant remodelling of your kitchen usually warrants a budget in the range of 10% to 25% of the total value of your home.

Keep in mind that you should always budget a little cushion of anywhere from 10% to 15% of your total budget to prepare for mistakes. People get sick or you may want a last-minute change. There’s nothing wrong with this unless you don’t prepare for it from the beginning of the process!

Picking the Right Contractor

Yes, you may take on certain aspects of your kitchen remodel yourself. However, a major remodel of your kitchen will have certain aspects that require the steady hand and experience of a professional contractor. They will have access to staff and tools that may be impossible for you to get to. Keep in mind that a kitchen remodel may require subcontractors with certain certifications, especially if you are moving or demolishing walls.

Kitchen Designer Works on Components To Add | Kitchen Art Design

The contractor is the most important person in a major remodel. This is the point person for everything that you want to do. The contractor will also have a general knowledge of all processes involved, whether that includes installing new cabinets, demolition or electricity. You are trusting this person to hire all of the specialists who will make your remodel look and feel truly professional.

Your contractor will be the person with the most time in your home. He should be a person you trust personally as well as professionally. The best way to find someone like this is through word of mouth referrals. Getting a ground-level assessment of a contractor is easier than ever – you can now look online for this information through a simple Google search.

Understanding the Lingo

Before you finalize your relationship with your contractor, you should familiarize yourself with the lingo of the trade. For instance, you should understand the difference between a certification and a license. You need to know which part of the process requires an insured subcontractor or a bonded contractor. These definitions can vary depending on the state that you are in, so make sure to check with local laws to get the right information.

Measuring the Space

Now that you have the right people in place and an idea of your budgetary constraints, you need to know about your spatial constraints. Measuring the space means that you connect with your newly hired contractors to get precise dimensions on the area that you will be remodelling. As they say, “measure twice, cut once.”

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Measurements should include outside walls and doorways as well as interior dimensions. Once you have these initial measurements, you can start localizing your vision into a realistic kitchen design.

Consulting Specialists

You now have the information that you need to consult with a kitchen design specialist. Your contractor may have a recommendation for you, or you may get the right designer from word-of-mouth. This person’s job is to transform your inspiration into cohesive, realistic and functional kitchen design. The first part of this process should take anywhere from 1 to 3 days. Depending on how fast you sign off on the ideas presented here, you should be able to complete the final design and a maximum of four weeks.

Selecting Materials

The materials that you select will make all of the difference in the final look and feel of your kitchen design, especially your cabinets. Look closely at whether you prefer two-toned or monochrome, stained or painted, raised panel or shaker. This is lingo that you should learn before you make a final decision.

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Checking for Compliance and Finalizing

Now that you have your design, you may need to get certain building permits in order to finish it. Your contractor should take care of the step, but make sure that you stay up on the results. After this, you will be ready to finalize your design, sign the contracts and begin building.

In order to keep your schedule from buffering or bottlenecking, you should anticipate some problems in the kitchen remodelling process detailed above. Make sure that you have a bit of extra time in the queue in case a contractor gets sick or your materials delivery is delayed for some reason. A professional kitchen designer will be able to help you with scheduling as well as design because these are the people who have faced every process hiccup firsthand.

The dedicated experts at Kitchen Art Design is ready to help you every aspect of the kitchen remodelling process. Give us a call or an email when you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen with the best styles and the most streamlined process. We have built our reputation on providing premium service to all of our clients, and we look forward to giving you this level of service from day one as well!