Understanding Your Needs vs. Wishes

Whether you are contracting for a client or trying to redecorate your own kitchen, you are probably on a budget if you are like most of us. There are certainly ways to get most of what you want out of the job, but have to do some planning ahead of time. One of the most important aspects of this planning is prioritizing your upgrades. There are certain deal breakers that you must have in your kitchen upgrade. These must haves our likely more functional in nature, although you may have certain aesthetic qualities that you can't live without. Either way, these are the things that you are willing to spend more money on even if it means taking money away from your second tier of improvements, the nice to haves. Separate the improvements into these two categories even if you think you have the money for everything. You may find out that your deal breakers cost more than originally planned for. There's nothing worse than having to put those parts of the project on hold because you've miscalculated the cost of an upgrade. Here are some things you might want to take into consideration.

Increased counter space if you cook large meals

If you have a large family, then you are probably using more countertop space than most people do when you cook. In order to maintain your safety and get the best out of the cooking experience, you may need more counterspace. Increased counterspace usually takes away from floor space. You want to make sure that you can do this without reducing the mobility in your kitchen. After all, this is where everyone congregates throughout the day, and kitchens usually connect to every other major aspect of the house.

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Homework station if you have children

Depending on the size of your house, your children may or may not have their own private spaces to do things like homework. If you do not have a separate playroom or work area for your kids, the kitchen can be a great space. They can get started on their work as soon as they come in through the front door, and they have easy access to food and bathrooms. Although you may not have a separate room for them, you can certainly set apart a piece of the kitchen so that the kids can have a bit of privacy even if you come in from work.

A large island with bar seating for entertaining guests

You may have a household that thrives on entertaining guests. This case, you may want to trade countertop space and even floorspace for a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are more than the new craze in modern kitchen work. They are actually highly functional features of a kitchen that help to create mobility while actually increasing storage space. Islands are great place to have a buffet lunch, afternoon tea or even set up a bar for weekend swimming parties.

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With all the options that you have for your kitchen, you want to consider the lifestyle that you are going for before you commit to any upgrades. Keep in mind that you will be spending almost 1/3 of each day in the kitchen. What will you be doing in there? Let your daily activities help you form your deal breakers when it is time for an upgrade. Spend the most time in the most money on these parts of the kitchen. Remember that you can always come back for a later upgrade to put in all of those things that would be nice to have.

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Your cabinetry should be a must-have in almost every situation. This is where you will keep the majority of your storage space. However, it also functions as the centrepiece and backdrop for your kitchen’s aesthetic center. Once you have your cabinetry set up correctly, you can really dig into the theme of what you want your kitchen to be about. Without your cabinetry, you may have a hard time visualizing how the rest of your kitchen should flow and what it should look like. Don’t make this mistake, especially if you think that cabinetry is too expensive an upgrade for you right now. It isn’t.

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