Understanding the Kitchen Cabinet Layout in Newer Homes

When it comes to modern kitchen cabinetry, there's a few different formulas that developers try to follow that provides comfort, enhances work, and offers tranquility for the homeowner. However, the countertop, storage, and major appliances are all placed in a certain order to ease the workflow of the kitchen. That's right, whether you be traveling from the stove, sink, or refrigerator, every modern kitchen movement has been carefully calculated beforehand to ensure that kitchen work runs smoothly - with kitchen cabinetry being no different.


Understanding the Kitchen Cabinet Layout in Newer Homes 1Modern Kitchen Layouts & Islands

It’s worth mentioning that there’s at least five major layouts for most modern kitchen setups, which are the galley, single, U, L, and G kitchens. Although there are some similarities as far as cabinet placement, each layout has its own unique perks for the individual utilizing the modern kitchen space. The island have revolutionized the modern kitchen, since it offers a unique area to focus on kitchen work.

Many of the new kitchen layouts have kitchen islands and offer the capability to be optimized for cabinetry tastes and other accents of your pleasing. However, having an island in your kitchen relies on the size of your modern kitchen. A new, smaller kitchen may not have an island, but keep in mind that modern kitchens (although small) might have space that could be altered for more storage via additional cabinetry.


Understanding Kitchen Cabinet Layouts in Newer Homes

So now that you have an idea of why islands exist in many modern kitchens, it’s time to review common kitchen layouts in modern homes. If you have an older kitchen that needs a facelift, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to have to reconfigure (or remove) walls for additional space to make a modern kitchen happen. From here, you’ll need to think about the work triangle for the room and which triangle workflow will benefit you the most. Even if you’re not making considerable changes to your kitchen, the layout can be customized to your pleasing with custom cabinetry.

Understanding the Kitchen Cabinet Layout in Newer Homes 2

So with this being said, the common modern kitchen layouts available are:

  • Galley/Corridor Kitchen – These layouts have enough workspace for one cook. Many have gone to stacking their storage for more kitchen space for these modern setups.
  • Straight/Single Wall Kitchens – If you happen to have a smaller kitchen, it’s likely that this is your setup. As far as working, all three work line zones are located on the wall. For this setup, many individuals have maximized their space by stacking custom cabinetry on the wall above and below the workstation.
  • G Kitchens – Kitchens with a G shape are much like kitchens with a U shape, as they surround the cook on three sides with plenty of storage and cabinetry options. The main difference between the U shape and the G shape kitchen is that G shaped kitchens have a partial wall comprised of additional cabinets.
  • The U Kitchen – U kitchens are incredibly versatile for kitchens small and large because they offer plenty of cabinetry and storage options. If you happen to have a larger kitchen, you’ll find that U kitchens have enough space so that multiple cooks can operate at once without bothering each other. Many have added additional cabinetry for appliances with this setup to offer even more ample space.
  • The L Kitchen – An L kitchen offers a natural layout that consists of two workstations on the walls and continuous counter space. This setup offers plenty of space for working and opens to a nearby room, which allows guests to communicate with the cook.

Understanding the Kitchen Cabinet Layout in Newer Homes 3

Considering the information above, there’s plenty of interesting perks that modern kitchens have to offer. So if you’re looking to give your kitchen the facelift it needs or wants additional storage for your kitchen, Kitchen Art Design is here to help your wildest dreams come true. Contact us today for further information regarding your kitchen or cabinetry needs and how we can help!