Millwork refers to any wood products and construction elements that have been worked in a mill. These elements are used to increase the aesthetic appeal of a building and include cabinetry, crown mouldings, wainscotting, and more. Millwork has been a part of homes for countless generations and may be found as part of a fireplace mantel, on doors, stair banisters, windows, and much more.


Custom millwork improves the overall appearance of your home and is a great way to make it uniquely your own by integrating a personal, handcrafted touch. It may be decorative, functional, or both, and can carry a significant return on investment if you find yourself selling your home at some point in the future.


Millwork is often found in historic properties and is responsible for much of their charm. It is also a popular means of adding warmth, character, and an air of timeless beauty to a home during renovations and remodelling. Those who enjoy intricate detail or detailed carvings often appreciate custom millwork.


At Kitchen Art Design, you will find custom millwork experts in Vancouver who can help you incorporate beautiful details into your home. Here are some ideas that you may wish to consider:


Fireplace Mantel

The classic appearance of a fireplace includes a mantelpiece. They may be large or small, simple or ornate, but virtually every fireplace can benefit from having one. Modern mantels tend to be simple affairs, with few lines and a clean appearance. A custom piece which is more intricate and includes flourishes will take on a more antique appearance. Working with a contractor, you can determine which approach will work best in your home, making cold nights in front of the fire even cozier than before.


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodels are an extremely popular home improvement project. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, serving as the heart of the home for many. As the place where the family’s meals are prepared, it will see a lot of use and traffic, so efforts are often made to create a warm, comfortable, and welcoming environment. Custom kitchen cabinets are often the perfect final touch for a kitchen remodel, helping to create a space that is not only more functional but also very attractive.

Kitchen trends

Custom kitchen cabinets can provide you with greater storage while making the kitchen a more beautiful environment in which you will be happy to spend more time.


Entertainment Centres

A built-in entertainment centre can make a great focal point for your living room, family room, or home theatre. Any place where you curl up to watch TV or a movie can be enhanced by a custom built-in and it will help organize your various components such as the TV, game systems, audio systems, and more.



Much like the entertainment centre, built-in shelves are an eye-catching addition to any room. Depending on their location, they may be useful as bookshelves or may hold decorative items and various family treasures that you want to put on display, such as heirloom dishes, antiques, or other collectibles.



Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate or remodel. A vanity acts as the focal point for the bathroom and can be both highly attractive and extremely useful, serving as the storage place for your towels, supplies, and miscellaneous toiletries.



Staircases are typically made of wood and may include hand-carved elements that make them beautiful to behold. This is a great example of how custom millwork can take a simple, functional part of the home and make it something much more attractive, with an appearance that is either sleek and modern, or more traditional and decorative.


Full Home Millwork


Custom millwork can be an excellent addition to any home. Unlike stock products, it can be seamlessly integrated into your home’s architecture and can be designed with your own personal needs and desires in mind. When looking for a means of creating your own dream home, it can be a great finishing touch that offers tremendous flexibility and customization.


Custom millwork also adds value to your home, making it an attractive selling feature that is often highly sought-after in the real estate market.


Looking for custom millwork for your new home? Kitchen Art Design’s expert team is here to help with the knowledge and expertise you need to bring your vision to life. For more information about custom millwork and how it can enhance the aesthetic and value of your home, contact us today.