Our Top 3 Design Trends From 2017

The end of 2017 has come, and with it another year of interesting design trends in one of the home’s most important spaces - the kitchen.

When it comes to kitchen design, we often see trends that last for years to come, or fade fairly quickly within a 12 month period. However, this year we saw a few fantastic design trends that we think are here to stay.

1. Commercial-Grade Appliance Matching

Our Top 3 Design Trends From 2017 1Photo courtesy of Jenn Air

An option once reserved for the incredibly wealthy, commercial-grade kitchen appliances started popping up in homes more than a few years ago due to increased demand. But now, they’re making their way into homes faster than ever as designers and homeowners seek long-term quality and perfect appliance-matching. Nothing ties a kitchen together quite like a fabulous Sub-Zero fridge paired with a Jenn Air gas range.

2. Apron Front Sinks

Our Top 3 Design Trends From 2017 2Photo courtesy of Kohler

The Farmhouse or Apron-Front sink is another kitchen trend that didn’t necessarily start this year (they’ve been around for decades), but they’ve shown up in this year’s designs time after time. Considered a timeless centrepiece for any kitchen, traditional farmhouse sinks are white porcelain with an edge that extends beyond the front of the surrounding cabinetry.

Updated versions of this classic — like stone and even stainless steel — have made their way into homes too. The bold proportions, clean lines, and warm feel of a farmhouse sink make it something worth looking at.

3. Mixing Materials

Our Top 3 Design Trends From 2017 3Photo courtesy of Team 7

From marble and wood countertops, to stainless steel and acrylic cabinets, this year saw a lot of materials combined creatively. If done tastefully, bringing two materials together creates a refined juxtaposition of texture and colour. Done poorly, and your kitchen could look like a botched DIY experiment. This is one trend best left to the professionals.

Our favourite combination? Wood and stone. The natural textures of both materials come together in a way that just feels right. Add a touch of glass, and the look comes together brilliantly.

Among all these trends stands one key feature that makes a kitchen great: thoughtful design. Are you ready to start designing or re-imagining your kitchen? Use our budget calculator to get started now.