The Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets




White has always been a dependable, go-to colour for kitchen cabinets. However, many homeowners shy away from white cabinets without truly considering the merits of this very versatile colour. Consider these pros and cons of a white kitchen cabinet design.


White kitchen cabinets are timelessly fashionable

The popularity of white kitchen cabinets dates back to the 1920s, when homeowners were overly obsessed with sterility and cleanliness. Since then, the demand for white cabinets has kept pace with changing design trends. A hundred-plus years later, white kitchen cabinets are still fashionable and quite popular with designers and homeowners. Use them to add a clean, classic look to your kitchen’s design.

The Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets 1

White kitchen cabinets add virtual square footage

White cabinets, combined with strategic lighting, both natural and artificial, can brighten a room and make it appear more spacious. Light bounces off white cabinets, brightening dark areas and tricking the eye into seeing an expanded space. Do you have a small kitchen? Use white cabinets to create a brighter, airier room in which to cook, eat and entertain.

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White cabinets help keep the kitchen clean and sanitary

Dark kitchen cabinets mask spots, dirt and grime that, if not cleaned away, can build up and create a haven for germs and bacteria. White, the lightest of colours, illuminates spots, grease and grime for quick and timely clean-up. White gloss-finished cabinets make it easy for homeowners to clean smudges and grime.

White kitchen cabinets conform with any design style

One of the reasons white cabinets are so popular with designers and homeowners is because of their flexibility. White cabinets work well with any design style, from vintage to contemporary to ultra-modern. Easily match them with the colours on your walls or use them to complement your choice of backsplash. With a simple change of accessories and fixtures, the way the kitchen looks can easily change from one design to the next.

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White kitchen cabinets positively contribute to your home’s resale value

Certain elements in your home can positively contribute to a home’s resale value due to their appeal to homebuyers. A kitchen updated with white kitchen cabinets appeals to home buyers and can therefore add value to your home when it comes time to sell. The white cabinets present an opportunity for new homeowners to easily redesign the kitchen to make it their own.

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White kitchen cabinets provide a tool for contrasts

White cabinets are a great tool to achieve classic contrasts in a kitchen design as they allow other colours to stand out. Classic colour combinations are black and white, red and white and blue and white. Common pairings are white cabinets with a coloured countertop or white cabinets with a coloured island.

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White kitchen cabinets discolour over time

Over time, white kitchen cabinets tend to fade and turn yellow. The cooking process and exposure to direct sunlight are two factors that cause fading and discolouration, robbing kitchen cabinets of their pristine quality. During the cooking process, microscopic grease particles that are released into the air latch onto cabinets. If the particles are not cleaned away regularly, they gradually lead to yellowing of the cabinets. A solution of vinegar and baking soda, when applied to the surface of cabinets, can help to keep them bright and fresh.

White cabinets are high maintenance

White cabinets easily show dirt, smudges, grease and spots and require constant cleaning and maintenance to keep them sparkling and looking beautiful. Kitchens that are used more often tend to require more clean-up and care, especially if there are young children in the home.

White cabinets can cause glares

Having too many white gloss cabinets in an already bright kitchen can cause glares and produce a strain on the eyes. This can be fixed by using window shades to reduce sunlight or regulating artificial lighting.

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