Overhauling Kitchen Storage for the Modern Home Buyer

Our Guide to Modern Kitchen Cabinets

As your household grows, so too does the stuff that you have in it. Your kitchen is one of the most important storage locations in your home. This is where you keep the cooking and baking items that help to create your delicious dinners and dessert delights!

There are many ways to expand storage space in your kitchen without knocking out walls and rearranging huge chunks of the room. Here are some of the best ways to overhaul your kitchen storage while creating a more modern space within your home.

Overhauling Modern Kitchen Design | Kitchen Art Design

The owner of this kitchen was a chef and wanted ample space to cook and cabinetry to fit all of his different ingredients and utensils. We utilized every inch of the kitchen in a function way, and he was delighted with the end result.

Maximizing Traffic Flow

The first step to take in your kitchen to optimize your storage space is to maximize the walking room in the area. The easier it is to reach your storage items, the more effective your changes will be!

You can move big appliances such as your refrigerator, low-level cabinets and dishwasher to open up the room. Interior design experts talk about the “triangle” between the three major items in the kitchen – the refrigerator, the sink and the cooktop. If they are not in a triangle with sides that add up to be less than 26 feet, then you may not have an optimal setup. You should also be able to draw a straight line between the three items that do not have any major walking hurdles.

When it comes to storage, you want to include the major cabinets in your kitchen as a sort of “fourth side” to this triangle. Keep the space between these important storage spaces as open as possible, and you will be able to maximize storage in all areas of your kitchen.

stone wall kitchen

Adding a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is one of the best investments that you can make in a modern kitchen. You raise your sale value while giving your kitchen more storage space and convenient setup. The kitchen island that you select may include a space for extra storage as well as seating.

Depending on the amount of storage that you need, you can expand or condense the size of the kitchen island that you select. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can put many different types of drawers and shelves that will hold pans, dishes and even appliances. Properly managed, you will have more space in the kitchen for new sinks, dishwashers and microwaves if you are looking to expand the room in that way.

Overhauling Kitchen Storage for the Modern Home Buyer 1

This concrete countertop with a waterfall over one side is actually a Caesarstone quartz material. The concrete countertop on this island makes it a focal point of the space.

Extending Your Countertops

The more countertop space that you have, the more space that you usually have in the shelves down below. This is not an upgrade that you should attempt on your own, because you will probably need extra shelving supports that should be installed by a professional.

If you choose to have an island in your kitchen, you can extend those countertops as well. On each piece, the total area may not seem like a big change. When you put them together, however, the space that you expand can be quite large. You can also use decorative corbels on your existing countertops, your islands and your lower cabinets.

Building a Pantry

The pantry is a great idea for every kitchen regardless of size. If you are doing a large remodelling of your kitchen, you may want to consider a new pantry. You have the ability to keep your day to day goods on certain shelves as well as store items that you will not use immediately.

Because pantries are a bit taller than other kinds of storage, you can store bigger items like trash cans, mops and brooms. If your kitchen is big enough, you may want to consider a walk-in pantry. If not, then a standalone pantry is a great secondary play.

Overhauling Kitchen Storage for the Modern Home Buyer 2

A wine connoisseur’s dream; a custom wine rack to finish off their wet bar. This wine rack shows off an impressive wine collection in a unique, yet simple way.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are a great storage space type that also allows you to show off decorative items. If you have a china collection that could add a bit of flair to the room, you can place them without knocking down any walls. If you are looking for a fuller remodel, you can even replace some of your traditional cabinets with open cabinets for even more space.

Smaller kitchens benefit from open shelves by making space seem larger even if you do not have any more space to spare. Depending on the type of kitchen that you want, you can create a beautifully modern design type with this upgrade.

Using the Space Around Appliances

If you plan ahead well or you have a talented kitchen designer as a partner, you can use that hidden space around your large appliances to increase your storage space.

Take precise measurements of your large appliances to determine if you can build custom cabinetry around them. Creating a frame around your appliances can give your kitchen a great look, and you can also redirect some of your smaller storage items away from your pantry and big shelves. Make sure that you take advantage of your vertical space as well.

Optimizing Your Cabinetry

There is a chance that you are not optimizing the space in your current setup of cabinets. You can actually increase your storage space through pantry pullouts, sliding shelves and drawer dividers. You can put these additions on your lower and upper cabinets for easier access to the items that you choose to put there, but be careful on those upper shelves if you have children in the home.

Appliance Garage

Small appliances can fit quite well into an appliance garage that can be placed into your current cabinetry. Keep your toasters, mixers, blenders and coffee makers here in an organized fashion instead of putting them everywhere on your other shelving. The organization will not only be more convenient, but you will also create more space when you put things in a space that is created for them.

If you are in the market for a kitchen storage upgrade, give our dedicated experts a call. Kitchen Art Design specializes in building custom kitchen cabinetry with a focus on quality and durability, and we will work with you to bring your vision to life. Understand all of your available options by downloading our eBook “Harnessing the Power of Function & Form” and get inspiration from beautiful designs that have stood the test of time.