Modern Kitchen Sink Design Ideas




Many different types of renovations can be done in the home and one of the most popular is the kitchen. Often thought of as the heart of the home, it is a place where the family gathers to prepare food, and for many families, it is where most meals are consumed.


Many kitchen renovations concern themselves with adding new cabinets and counters, reworking the layout to be more efficient, adding new appliances, and even painting to create a fresh new look. When considering a renovation, there are many possibilities to consider and although it may not be the first thing to come to mind, the kitchen sink is entirely worthy of upgrading. After all, the sink in an average kitchen is used between 10 and 20 times each day, which is more than many other appliances are used in a week.


We’ve all heard the expression “everything but the kitchen sink.” Don’t let that apply to your next renovation, especially when there are so many kitchen sink styles to choose from.


Here are some modern kitchen sink design ideas to update this important part of your kitchen.


Large Single Bowl Sink


Corners are always an awkward spot. It can be tough to make proper use of them but having a corner sink just may be the right solution for you. Not only does it put the space to good use, but it also allows for a sink that is larger than average. In fact, it may be quite huge. Alternatively, you may choose a standard-sized sink, leaving space for a built-in tray.


Putting your sink in the corner not only uses space that might otherwise be wasted but also gives you more counter room for other tasks and items.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design Ideas 1

Large and Small Compartment Sinks


A type of double sink, compartment sinks have a small compartment for washing and rinsing your dishes, and a large compartment that can accommodate a rack for drying. If you dislike having your dishes sitting in a rack on the counter, you might find that this sink design is an appealing solution.


Disappearing Sink


Many homes today have hidden accessories, with refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and more kept out of sight, hidden away inside what appears to be normal drawers and cabinets. A disappearing sink works much the same way, with a custom cover that can be inserted when the sink is not in use. This will not only give you additional counter space when you need it, but it also works well if you enjoy the minimalist look, with nothing on the counters, not even a sink!


Hidden Compartments


When you need to manage clutter and keep small items out of sight, a kitchen island sink with hidden compartments is a great choice, allowing you to keep items like your dish soap, scrubs, and sponges tucked neatly away.


Granite Sink


Although there are mixed opinions on whether granite countertops are on their way out of style, many consumers still love them. If you have or plan to add granite countertops, it’s logical to pair them with a granite sink. When comparing the advantages of granite sinks vs stainless steel, granite has a few advantages such as heat resistance, resistance to scratching, fading, and discolouring, and durability for long life.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design Ideas 2


Dual Bowl Embedded in Wood


If you are going for the rustic look but a farmhouse sink isn’t your thing, a kitchen sink embedded in wood might suit you better. With a deep-set bowl that doesn’t distract from the beauty of the wood, this can be a real charmer.


Wood Basin


If wood counters are not your ideal but you still like the warm, inviting look of wood, a wood basin is the way to go. Made of strong wood such as walnut or mahogany, it is coated in resin epoxy to make it durable, glossy, and attractive.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design Ideas 3

Butler Sink


Like the farmhouse sink, butler sinks continue to be popular. They have a great, classic appeal that can add elegance and character to your kitchen. They are rectangular in shape and large enough to allow your pots, pans, and dishes to soak together, meaning you have plenty of space for when you are hosting a gathering.


Island Corner


Many renovations are about finding more space or at least making better use of what space exists. A sink in the centre of your kitchen island takes up space that could be put to better use. Moving it to the corner frees up the rest of the island, giving you a better workspace.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design Ideas 4


Sink Organizer


If you have limited space, or are simply trying to stay organized, having an over-the-sink organizer and drainer may prove helpful by expanding your space vertically. Though not for everyone, it can prove immensely helpful in a tiny kitchen.


Workshop Sink


More than just a sink, this setup is another fine solution for smaller spaces, with a fit-in chopping board, a strainer, and an overhead rack that can hold bowls and more.


Farmhouse Sink


Farmhouse sinks continue to be a popular trend. Single or double basin, farmhouse sinks are versatile and convenient. Their deep basin makes them efficient for washing large pots and pans and they can be great for adding to the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design Ideas 5

Large, Shallow Sink


Want a larger sink to work in, but don’t want something too deep? A large shallow sink gives you the space you need to clean, without being too deep.


Circular Sink


Redoing your kitchen is usually about making it more efficient, but creating the right image is also important. A sleek modern kitchen deserves a sink that stands out. A round sink will do just that, adding a touch of glamour to your countertops.


Your sink should be more than just an afterthought in your kitchen renovation. Choosing the right sink makes it a perfect accessory, helping to bring the whole look of the room together. With so many choices to consider, you never need to have a dull sink again.