Minimalist Kitchens – The Scandinavian Way

Crafted out of rough winters and a calming landscape, the Scandinavian kitchen is the hallmark of simplistic and minimalist design. Scandinavian kitchens thrive on elegant optimization that allows for a calm and inviting tone, with clean lines and a sense of order and organization.

Within the simplicity of these designs lies a hidden complexity of design choices. Here are some key notes about Scandinavian kitchens to consider when renovating your home.

Keep it light

The essence of what makes a Scandinavian kitchen charming is its neutral colour palette along with its clean surfaces, cabinets and walls. As a result, the space feels much larger and incredibly inviting. Consider taking it further by adding complementary wood floors that are also lighter in tone to really nail down the minimalist, Scandinavian look.  

Minimalist Kitchens - The Scandinavian Way 1

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Desaturated colours

Using soft-hued tones in the same colour family as your cabinets help with bringing the Scandinavian design into fruition. Details to consider when adding more desaturated colours should be areas such as an accent wall, backsplash, smaller appliances and cutlery. These items add that extra element that really ties the entire design together with minimal effort.

Cabinetry makes the difference

One of the primary elements of a Scandinavian kitchen would be its cabinetry. The design is distinctive and unlike traditional kitchens because of its contemporary feel and clean surface areas. Appliances and lack of cabinet hardware is another common design element. Customizing your cabinetry for not only aesthetic reasons but making it functional is another Scandinavian design trait. A reason why the Scandinavian kitchen design is popular is because it’s aesthetically beautiful and incredibly practical for everyday use.

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Go dark for full contrast

Another option from the classic Scandinavian kitchen design would be to add stronger contrast in colour. Not brights or neons but more deeper, darker tones like black and greys. Your kitchen space should still remain light and welcoming but the choice to use darker elements such as cabinetry or furniture make a stronger design statement.

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Get started

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