Kelly Stubson

When someone walks into a stunning kitchen, they rarely see the hard work, dedication, and effort that a professional kitchen designer has put into the project. They’re often the first point of contact our clients work with directly, and their experience and insights into a functional, stylish kitchen creation are unparalleled.

Meet Kelly Stubson, a Citation Kitchen Design Consultant from Burnaby, British Columbia. She brings with her a highly valuable and diverse background.

Kelly holds a Diploma in Interior Design, as well as two university degrees – a Bachelor of Physical Education, and a Bachelor of Education. Kelly came to Citation in 2007 and she’s stayed with Citation for over a decade because of the company’s “honesty, integrity, and supportive atmosphere.”

Kelly’s favourite kitchen design feature has long been a classic white shaker. Shaker cabinets are deceptively simple, yet wildly attractive and timeless. Featuring hardwood construction, recessed panels and minimal components, shaker cabinets are polished with high-quality hardware. Simple. Elegant. Classic.