Kitchen Renovation or Kitchen Upgrade: Which Has the Best ROI?




If you are planning to sell your home, improving the areas that do not function well may help to increase the resale value. If you look around your home, you will likely find many potential projects. However, not all projects will give you the same return on your investment. So, where should you spend it before you sell?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is one of the key areas buyers focus on when considering a house or apartment for sale. For that reason, many sellers put all or a significant portion of their home improvement budget into their kitchen.

If you’ve decided to improve the look and function of your kitchen, you must first decide whether to invest in a full renovation or just an upgrade.

What is the difference between a Kitchen Renovation and a Kitchen Upgrade?

A kitchen renovation involves major changes, such as upgrading wiring or moving electrical outlets and plumbing, knocking down walls and replacing floors. A kitchen upgrade, on the other hand, involves purely cosmetic work. This may include painting cabinets and updating the hardware, installing new fixtures, buying new appliances and painting walls.

Experts suggest that a kitchen renovation, when compared to a kitchen upgrade, will give you a higher return on your investment if you spend money in the right places. Cabinets occupy up to 80% of the visible space in a kitchen and can help to attract the right buyer. Therefore, the right kitchen cabinet design is crucial for a successful kitchen renovation.

Kitchen cabinet designs that will maximize ROI

If you want to install new kitchen cabinets that will appeal to most buyers and maximize your return on investment, here are a few tips:

Material choice
For the greatest impact at the lowest cost, we recommend custom-built laminate slab cabinets. Laminate slab offers you an opportunity to save money without sacrificing function or style. This material choice is suitable for those who love to cook and use the kitchen often. Not only are laminate slab cabinets durable, but over the years, they have been designed to mimic the look of natural wood.

Kitchen Renovation or Kitchen Upgrade: Which Has the Best ROI? 1

Colour options
We suggest selecting a cabinet colour that is timeless with mass appeal.

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White kitchens appeal to many buyers because they give a clean and fresh feel. So, white may be an excellent colour choice for your cabinets.

White Custom Kitchen | Kitchen Art Design

Brown is another colour that is appealing to potential buyers. Brown cabinets will add a touch of warmth to your kitchen and help buyers to imagine it as a place they can gather with their family and friends.

Constructing The Best Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen Art Design

If you are targeting a more specific buyer, who is looking for chic design, go for a bolder look with a colour such as black.

Cabinet size and layout
When installing new cabinets, we recommend that you use all the available space by ensuring your cabinets run to the ceiling. Note as well, that symmetry is pleasing to buyers, so be consistent with the sizes of your cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen cabinet design consultation

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Kitchen Renovation or Kitchen Upgrade: Which Has the Best ROI? 2

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