Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Maximize Resale Value





If you are planning to sell your home, remodelling to make it more functional for the new owners can help you get a higher sale price. Many, however, are mistaken in believing that you must do major remodels to get a greater return on their investment. But in most instances, homeowners who take on large renovation projects before selling do not recoup all the money they spend. Therefore, to maximize your return, consider updates that will improve functionality without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a simple way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, you should start in the heart of the home—the kitchen. One cost-effective way to update your kitchen is by replacing your old cupboards with custom kitchen cabinets.

Here are some kitchen cabinet design tips that will help you attract the most buyers:

1. Choose quality

Everyone wants maximum storage in the kitchen, but the number of cabinets you have is far less critical than the quality. Buyers will be looking for cabinets that will be maintenance-free for a long time and that is why you should opt for cabinets made from durable materials. Ensure you choose quality hardware as well. For added style, consider touches such as black or gold knobs and pulls for your cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Maximize Resale Value 1

2. Pick the right cabinet colours

For a timeless look that will appeal to buyers, you should consider white cabinets. Although white cabinets are not the boldest design choice, they have mass appeal. White cabinets can also make your kitchen appear more spacious. While you could go for a more upscale look with cabinet colours such as black, you should note that darker cabinets will make your kitchen feel smaller and bold colours do not appeal to many buyers.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Maximize Resale Value 2

3. Consider cabinet height

Do not make the mistake of installing short cabinets. If your cabinets are not flush to the ceiling, that will only leave more space to collect dust or clutter. Eliminate wasted space by ensuring your cabinets are the right height.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Maximize Resale Value 3

4. Choose symmetry

When a potential buyer walks into your kitchen, they will find it more attractive if your cabinets are symmetrical. So, to have a more consistent look, avoid installing cabinets and drawers in varying sizes.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Maximize Resale Value 4

Are you ready to get started with new custom kitchen cabinets?

If you want to install new high-quality kitchen cabinets, contact us at Kitchen Art Design. With over 30 years of experience, we design kitchens inspired by the families that fill them. Every design begins with your vision in mind and all our custom kitchen cabinets are manufactured locally.

We recommend you start with a visit to one of our showrooms where you will find design inspiration. At our showroom, you will also meet our design experts who will help you visualize all your options, including cabinetry finishes, hardware and unique inserts to create your dream space. If necessary, our designers can also provide an in-house consultation where they can measure the dimensions of your kitchen to ensure that all your new cabinetry will fit perfectly in the space.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit or showroom in Surrey or Coquitlam, or give us a call today if you have questions about our custom kitchen cabinets designs.