Kitchen Cabinet Colour Combinations for Your Next Kitchen Reno




Kitchen cabinets occupy a significant amount of square footage to dominate the kitchen. Careful attention must be paid to how they are treated in a kitchen’s design as they can impact the final product. In addition to providing storage, beautifully designed cabinets help to define a kitchen’s look and feel and elevate its visual qualities.

Adding colour to kitchen cabinets or utilizing their natural appearance are strategic and effective ways to personalize and enliven a kitchen. From traditional to modern to contemporary designs, coloured cabinets can instantly transform a kitchen from bland to chic.

Combine colours for their relaxing or energizing qualities or use them to make a bold statement in your next kitchen reno.

Black and white

Black and white are a classic colour combination. White semi-gloss upper cabinets and black, semi-gloss base cabinets impart a stylish, elegant, sophisticated look to a kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Colour Combinations for Your Next Kitchen Reno 1

Lilac and wood

Pair the bright and airy qualities of lilac with the natural, earthy tones of wood. Wood lends a variety of brown tones and patterns to a kitchen design.

Off-white, bone white and black

White Kitchens and Cabinet Ideas | Deep Drawers In The Kitchen | Kitchen Art Design
White kitchens are timeless and are usually the go-to option for many homeowners. White brings many qualities to a kitchen, like openness, lightness and its ability to make a small kitchen seem expansive. But it does tend to seem stark and clinical. Pair white cabinets with a bone white piece like a pantry to break up the stark, clinical look of an all-white kitchen.

You can also add some contrast to space by using splashes of colour in your seating, backsplash and hardware.

Metallic copper and cream

Highlight your island with cabinets in metallic copper and use white chocolate (cream) for the remaining cabinets. With this colour combination, the island becomes the centrepiece in more ways than one as all eyes are drawn to it. Copper is the warmest metallic colour on the colour spectrum, and the copper and cream combination brings warmth to the kitchen.

Pale yellow, pale green and white

Soft pastel shades are currently trending and show no signs of waning any time soon. Typically used in bedrooms, they are now more frequently being used in the kitchen. Pale yellow upper cabinets, pale green base cabinets and white shelving give the kitchen a sense of openness and serenity.

Basic beige and dark brown

Beiges and browns are typical complementary colours, and a combination of basic beige and dark brown cabinets is a common pairing in modern kitchens. The colours produce a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.

Shades of grey

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Ideas | Kitchen Art Design
Create a moody kitchen by layering three or more shades of grey. Consider iron-grey for upper cabinets, shadow grey for base cabinets and charcoal grey for the island. You may also need to layer your lighting, natural and otherwise, to balance out dark cabinets.

Navy blue, light blue and light grey

A tri-colour scheme for your cabinets need not be busy or overpowering. Consider using one colour to dominate and the other colours more subdued. Navy blue, light blue and light grey are colours that complement each other.

Red and white

Red and White Kitchen Cabinet | Kitchen Art Design
Make a bold statement with red and white cabinets. The white on red contrast is a natural, timeless colour combination. While the white draws light into the room, red emits warmth and fuels a passion for food.

Sage green and soft grey

Neutral colours need not be bland and boring. Use them to infuse a calming, relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. Think colour-blocking with one wall of cabinets in sage green and the other in soft grey.

Green, white and wood

Bring the outdoors in by opting for white upper and green base cabinets. An island covered with a butcher-block countertop adds another natural element.

Are you planning a kitchen reno using custom kitchen cabinets?

Pairing the right colours for your kitchen cabinets to convey your personal preferences and style can be a frustrating venture. After all, knowing which colours can work well together is not everyone’s forte. At Kitchen Art Design, we have colour coordination and kitchen cabinet design down to an art form. Allow our designers and builders to work with you to make the right colour selections to fashion and produce cabinets according to your dreams. Trust our 30 years’ experience to be able to satisfy your needs.

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