Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021




A new year usually inspires thoughts of renewal and rejuvenation. Many homeowners will be courting and acting on similar thoughts for the kitchen, especially on the heels of a year of confinement. The kitchen is where families cook, eat meals, socialize and entertain, among other activities. Along with the living room, it would likely have been the go-to space during confinement.

From designs that incorporate relaxing colour palettes to smart kitchens to smart storage and everything in between, there are many design styles from which homeowners may draw inspiration to build or remodel one of the home’s busiest spaces.

The smart kitchen

Smart kitchens are kitchens designed with technology elements included to save homeowners time and energy.

Smart kitchens are outfitted with a range of intelligent devices and appliances that may or may not have internet connectivity. Some smart refrigerators use voice commands to trigger the icemaker or change and monitor a homeowner’s refrigerator temperature. Smart scales connect to hundreds of recipes via a smartphone app and simplify substituting ingredients and altering portion sizes. Smart dishwashers have intelligent features that make them capable of adjusting water and energy use based on the size of the load and the amount of cleaning required. Faucets have built-in motion sensors that activate once hands are underneath. The possibilities are endless.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 1

Pendant lighting

A pendant light is a single light fixture that is hung from the ceiling. Typically suspended above islands and peninsulas, they bring both functional and aesthetic qualities to a modern kitchen design. Available in a variety of sizes, price points, and designs, their popularity with homeowners continues to grow.

2021 trends will include the use of pendant lights in a variety of ways to complete tasks or as accents. Consider them in your design to create a calming, relaxing atmosphere or add drama by grouping them above a workspace.

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Go-green kitchens

Eco-friendly kitchens are all about the sustainability of the earth’s natural resources. Homeowners have the option of incorporating as many or as few eco-friendly options as they wish into their designs. Increasingly, companies are offering more green solutions for elements like shelves, flooring and cabinets.

Green kitchen cabinets are also trending for the new year. Consider emerald or forest green tones for a warm and luxurious feel. Use layered lighting and light coloured elements such as floors and countertops to reflect light and balance dark shades.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 2

Moody hues

Gone are the days when dark colours were relegated to the outskirts of the kitchen’s colour palette. Today, dark colours like red, brown, blue, charcoal grey and black take centre stage in the kitchen. From walls to floors to cabinets, the colours give the kitchen a moody look.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 3

Open shelving

Shelving, whether hung on walls or enclosed in open cabinets were a trendy addition to kitchen designs in 2020. Arranged vertically or horizontally, coloured or natural, open shelving will continue to be a desirable option in 2021.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 4

Broken-plan kitchen

Open-plan has long been a staple of kitchen design portfolios. However, broken-plan has been evolving as the new alternative preferred by designers and homeowners. The idea behind broken-plan designs is to subtly divide the larger kitchen/living/dining room into distinct zones using half walls, open shelves, bookcases, screens or even plants while retaining the spacious, open feel. The plan allows for privacy should you need it and specific use of each room.

Large kitchen islands

An island significantly contributes to the flow and function of a kitchen. From additional storage to expanded countertop space to integrated casual dining, the benefits are aplenty. Popular for their versatility, functionality and appeal, kitchen islands—the larger, the better—are expected to continue to dominate kitchen designs in 2021.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 5

Integrated kitchens

Coffeemakers, microwaves and toaster ovens certainly make our lives easier. But they do tend to crowd the countertop and take up valuable workspace. Larger appliances can be bulky and can detract from the kitchen’s aesthetic quality.

Eliminate clutter and achieve that sleek, streamlined look with an integrated approach to your kitchen. In this design, standard appliances are made to mimic the appearance of cabinets. Smart storage solutions, like an appliance cabinet, house countertop appliances. The arrangement promotes a minimalist look, provides more counter space, helps eliminate clutter and creates a better workflow.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 6

Relaxing colours and tones

Colours that soothe and have relaxing qualities will be trending this year. Tones like sage green, soft grey and pale blue on your choice of cabinetry, wallpaper or shelving create a warm, inviting feel in the kitchen design.

Inspiring Kitchen Design Styles for 2021 7

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