Industrial Kitchen Design: What Should You Know?

Deeply rooted in the ways of humility and minimalist design, an industrial kitchen is the epitome of ‘functional’. The core of an industrial design lies in the notion that the kitchen is the focal point of space – allowing a unique take on utilizing the art of function and beauty.

However, a vast majority of design decisions lie in the subtlety. Before starting your industrial kitchen redesign, take some of these notes when renovating your kitchen to industrial design.

Consistency of your appliances is key

Although it may seem obvious, aligning the style of your appliances must be consistent. Appliances for an industrial kitchen have to be big, bold, and well… industrial. Big steel appliances are a standard choice, but ensure that the subtleties between your appliances are the same. If you’ve gone with a dark brushed steel stove then your fridge, microwave, and other appliances have to follow the same tone.

Complement, don’t compete with the industrial look

Remember, the key to the industrial look is to let the functionality be the focal point. To make sure that they aren’t blending into the kitchen, choose your accents accordingly. Soft tones and wood grain textures not only add to the aesthetic and create a sense of durability, but act as a point of contrast to really bring the eye to that big stovetop, or open concept shelving.

Fit to the space with custom cabinetry

Customizing your cabinetry is always an important aspect of the design, but consider utilizing the space to its full potential by building around the nooks in your space. The outcome will be more storage (which is always a bonus) and the return on investment will be worth it if you ever decide to sell, because the added details go a long way in making space feel custom.

Kitchen islands are delicate balancing acts

Personalizing an industrial kitchen island is another key function of the design – especially as a centerpiece where people gather, as a casual seating area, or the main cooking space. Pay attention to the dimensions so it serves these functions while balancing out the entire room. Additional drawers can be built in for more storage, while countertop and leg finishes illustrate the look you’re going for.

Get started

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