Incorporating Modern Design Into a Rustic Home

Incorporating Modern Design Into a Rustic Home

Rustic home design is a perfect backdrop for modern design. Being wonderfully genuine, quirky, and charming, a rustic home draws inspiration from both vintage and country styles that (when paired together) create an incredibly unique living environment. Now since the trend of infusing modern design into rustic homes has been a trend that hasn't lost any speed in the last few decades, we're going to elaborate on how one can incorporate modern design into their rustic home.

Nature & Inspiration

In the world of design, it’s safe to say that nature generally knows what’s best. With a rustic home, its style generally relies on its surrounding natural materials as its primary source of inspiration. So in consideration of this, it’s important to understand that you should try to incorporate such features and materials in the decor you plan on adding to the rustic home. When it comes to wood, it’s extremely versatile for such purposes and it can be utilized for things such as faux wooden beams, tree branch chandeliers, and tree trunk coffee tables. Being both stylish and durable, wood is an excellent choice when it comes to pulling together a countryside vibe in your household.

Rustic Homes & Modern Colors

Natural tones of beige and brown, shades of white, canary yellow, and duck egg blue all work exceptionally well in the classic country palette of colours. As for white, it works great as a base for walls and flooring, which then allows pastel colour layers such as yellow and blue to capture that classic country look. If you’re looking to put a unique twist on such a traditional style, how about you introduce brighter accents to small decor and decorations. Why not add some burnt orange paint on kitchen cupboards or paint trinkets with Indian red hue.

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Upcycle, Restore, Revamp

A great characteristic that rustic design carries it the genuine and rugged feel it gives. The features of a classic rustic home does not require polishing or perfection. Why? Well, rustic households look amazing because they come across as natural and they are not overdone. This is because the rustic homeowners are encouraged to create a “one-of-a-kind” feature for their household that upcycles the old and embraces the new.

As for upcycling, its focus is to find the value in items that may have little to no appeal. There’s no shortage of vintage stores or exhibitions, so exploring and finding the item or custom cabinet that will tie your rustic home together is a perfect idea. When it comes to rustic homes, finding modern pieces to suit them well isn’t a difficult task.

So in the event, you find a modern gem, the upcycling process is incredibly easy. Breathing life into a rustic home with modern design only need some paint and refinish before it fits right in. A massive benefit that comes with upcycling is that you can control the final outcome, so you can feel free to custom the furniture to what you deem fit. The surrounding rustic surround only highlights the modern design, which allows one to add their own personalization to the decor.

Rustic Homes & Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring is a great way to compliment a rustic home. From white-washed bamboo to warm oak planks, there’re several choices that one can select from. Chevron flooring is a wooden flooring style that has continued to be popular, which is due to its versatility pair with almost any modern design. Wooden flooring tends to add some character to a rustic home, which is exactly what this home aesthetic gladly embraces. So if you’re looking to create a classic log cabin vibe to your rustic home, try to utilize seamless wooden flooring.

Maximizing Features

So before one begins incorporating modern design into their rustic home, it’s important to think about the features that look great the way they are. If you find yourself finding things that could use a little treatment, keep a mental note on how they could be improved. A custom cabinet would not only add more character to your rustic home, but it will give it the modern personalization that it may desperately need. Subtle touches can go a long way in a rustic home, so a minimal approach towards modern incorporation can speak as loudly as a full renovation. Being a design that’s catching up with the times, a rustic home tip-toeing into a modern design is a trend with no end in sight.

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