How to Select a Colour Palette that Works

Dark green and gold? Ivory and blue? Discovering the right colour palette for your kitchen is a tough decision, but one that should fill you with joy. Whether you want to follow the latest trends, create a modern style, or choose a timeless classic, the following insights will help you make the right selection.

Bold Colours Create Powerful Visual Cues

Big, bold colours are often a kitchen designer’s first choice; however, that doesn’t mean that an entire palette of bold colours is right for you. With this in mind, the right bold colour can not only revitalize a kitchen, but it can also trigger certain emotional responses. When it comes to choosing a bold colour for the kitchen, one of the best things that you can do is keep colour psychology best practices in mind. Colour psychology gives us valuable insights into the psychological impact of bold colours.

  • Powerful Blue. — Blue is both soothing and reassuring. It helps to trigger clear feelings of reflection, communication, and intellectualism, which makes it a great choice if you want your new kitchen to become the central meeting spot for family dinners and gatherings.
  • Nurturing Orange. — Did you know that orange is specifically associated with food? Whether its food association is driven by the fruit of the same name, or because it is a warm and nurturing colour, orange can be a funky, yet modern choice for a new kitchen. Keep in mind that orange can also trigger emotions of impracticality for some individuals.
  • Strong Red. — Red is simultaneously strong, positive, and passionate. In a kitchen, a vibrant red can instantly command attention, which is why it is sometimes used on vibrant appliances.
  • Natural Green. — Green is a colour that represents balance, growth, and nature. Playing with various hues of green for your kitchen backsplash can create depth and bring balance. Dark green marble is a great statement piece for a standalone kitchen island.
  • Bold Black. — Black has rapidly become a sophisticated glamour staple for modern kitchens with clean lines and stainless steel appliances. From a psychological perspective, black represents elegance and clarity.
  • Modern White. — White has been a modern kitchen staple for decades. It is associated with sophistication, simplicity, and cleanliness. When coupled with black, dark green, strong reds, and powerful blues, white can bring about powerful juxtapositions. It is also a great colour for smaller kitchens that want to seem larger than they actually are.

How to Select a Colour Palette that Works | Kitchen Art Design

Neutrals Are Timeless

Bold colours have been a popular trend for the past few years; however, neutral colours are a timeless choice. Neutrals can be subtly used to build strong foundations that support splashes of bold colour. Throughout 2018, grey / beige neutral tones were particularly popular. You could pair the neutral colour with deep navy mouldings or brass fixtures to subtly create depth, while simultaneously creating a positive psychological reaction. Finally, neutrals are a great choice to support the bright backsplash or lighter countertops.

Select a Colour Palette for White Kitchen | Kitchen Art Design

Crisp Whites Can Be Fresh And Inspired

Crisp whites are a classic that have recently been reinvented to become both fresh and inspired. White is renowned for its ability to reflect light, drawing the eye to particularly stunning visual pieces, and elevating a space to new heights. You can use white to showcase your custom cabinets with brass fixtures, or your stunning steel appliances, or the stone accents that have been added to your recently renovated kitchen. Crisp white stones, tiles, or walls can be used to accentuate splashes of bold or neutral colours. Finally, white is a great choice if you want to fill your kitchen with various art pieces, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, and glass work. The colour is versatile and can bring balance to any newly designed kitchen.


Choosing The Right Colour Palette With The Help Of Kitchen Art Design

At Kitchen Art Design, we believe that selecting the right colour palette is an individual choice that can elevate your kitchen to new levels of personal perfection. While kitchen trends come and go, the psychology of colour remains steady. No matter your personal style, or the latest trends, by choosing colours that ignite certain emotional responses, you can create a kitchen that caters to your individual preferences and makes you smile every day. To discover the right colour palette, custom cabinets, and design that will turn your dream kitchen into a reality, we invite you to contact a member of the Kitchen Art Design team today.