How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger




If you have a small kitchen, chances are you wish it could be bigger. A bright, airy and inviting space with adequate storage and counter space are all part of a dream kitchen design.

If your space or finances do not permit a major remodelling project, here are a few small kitchen design ideas to transform that cramped kitchen into one that feels airier, functional and more spacious, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

Opt for an all-white kitchen

An all-white kitchen is usually associated with sterility and cleanliness. But it is also associated with brightness and spaciousness. White walls, cabinets and countertops reflect light to brighten the room and trick the eye into seeing expanded space. Juxtapose with black or coloured accents to create interest and add a touch of personal style. Whether used in a small kitchen design or that of a large one, white kitchens are always elegant and trendy.

Incorporate mirrors

Mirrors are renowned for creating spatial illusions due to their reflective properties, and while they are mostly used in bedrooms and bathrooms, they are increasingly being used in kitchens. Mounted in the right places, they can add significant virtual square footage. A mirrored wall, cabinets or a backsplash catches light throwing it into dark corners brightening the room and creating the illusion of more space. The larger the mirror, the greater the spatial illusion.

Swap out cabinet doors

Solid doors on upper cabinets can cause a small kitchen to appear cramped and visually bulky. Consider swapping out solid cabinet doors for those with glass to reduce visual mass and allow the eyes to be pulled to the back of cabinets giving the illusion of more space. Refrain from cluttering cabinets as that would make swapping out cabinet doors pointless.


A cluttered kitchen not only detracts from its visual appeal, but it can also make an already small kitchen feel smaller. The countertop is notorious for amassing clutter. Rather than openly displaying kitchen appliances, your many herbs, spices, cookbooks and other knick-knacks, consider organizing these items in concealed storage units and then view the difference. The result is a more airy, roomier kitchen.

Incorporate reflective surfaces

Glossy kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances and shiny floors not only increase a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, but they also have the ability to spread light throughout the kitchen, making it appear more spacious than it actually is.

Small Kitchen Ideas | Kitchen Art Design

Install open shelving

The use of open shelves in the kitchen has been gaining popularity with designers and homeowners. Their use is another effective way to make a small kitchen look bigger, as they open visual lines to the back of the shelves, making the room appear deeper. Don’t be afraid of substituting tiered shelving for enclosed cabinets.

If you are unable to commit to removing cabinets, opt instead for removing the doors from upper cabinets to have a similar open effect. You may also consider a combination of cabinets and shelves in your small kitchen design. Be intentional about keeping shelves clutter-free, however, to maintain direct sightlines to the back of shelves and/or exposed cabinets.

Remove a wall

Convert your kitchen into a brighter, more open space by removing a connecting wall and merging it into a dining or living area. You may not gain actual square footage, but you will have more room to move around while cooking, doing other chores and entertaining. Can’t commit to removing the entire wall, consider a half wall instead and potentially gain a peninsular fit for a breakfast nook.

Optimize natural light

Natural light has the ability to make space appear brighter and larger. If you happen to have windows, great! Make the most of the sunlight that shines through by removing heavy window treatments. Opt instead for sheer curtains or valances or if you can, simply leave windows bare.

Paint walls in light colours

Darkly coloured walls can quickly make a small kitchen feel even smaller. Light colours, on the other hand, offer a lighter, roomier feel as they tend to reflect light. Other than whites, consider light yellows, pale shades of grey or light blues.

Add additional storage

An empty wall presents endless opportunities for storage ideas. Consider hanging shelves or racks to help keep clutter at bay. Ensure shelves or racks do not block the kitchen’s flow.

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