How to Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight in Your Kitchen




Countertops are prime real estate in a kitchen, yet, homeowners often overcrowd them with an increasing number of gadgets and small appliances. These gadgets and appliances may make life easier, but then, an overcrowded kitchen counter does not. If you aren’t ready to scale down the number of small appliances you own, consider the following storage ideas to keep them out of sight but within reach for a more organized kitchen.

Go large with cabinet drawers

How to Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight in Your Kitchen 1

Large, deep cabinet drawers are perfect places to store your smaller appliances. From your blender and food processor to your crockpot machine, oversized drawers provide ample space to store appliances of all shapes and sizes. Ensure cabinet drawers are designed to bear weight before you add the heavier appliances.

Employ an armoire

If you are short on cabinet space in the kitchen, consider using an armoire as storage for small appliances. As the armoire is a portable, stand-alone piece of furniture, you can move it at any time to your choice of location in the kitchen.

Relocate to the pantry

Relocate less frequently used appliances to a pantry. Yes, a pantry is not only used for storing food items. Homeowners with lots of appliances can use all or part of one wall of shelving to stack appliances.

Hide in a cubby

Stash your toaster oven or your coffee maker in an enclosed appliance cubby installed at the unused end of a countertop.

Cart your microwave

A microwave is an essential appliance in the modern kitchen. Family members can quickly reheat leftovers, make a cup of tea or steam vegetables for dinner. A microwave is also one of those appliances we need close at hand. If your kitchen is on the small side and lacks space to store your microwave, consider a microwave cart on wheels. Opt for a cart that also encloses the microwave and has additional storage for other small appliances or your knick-knacks.

Shelve appliances

Utilize unused spaces in your kitchen to create storage for small appliances. A recessed corner behind a door can house a shelving unit on which appliances can be stored.

Create an appliance centre

How to Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight in Your Kitchen 2

Create an appliance centre to store your appliances in one convenient location. If you have many appliances and a large enough kitchen cabinet to spare, dedicate the cabinet to house your appliances. Should you wish to include outlets in your appliance centre, ensure that local building codes permit their installation. Note that it’s best not to switch on appliances while they are in storage, especially those that emit steam or excessive heat, as this may affect the integrity of the cabinet and the function of other appliances.

Utilize the kitchen island

How to Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight in Your Kitchen 3
Kitchen islands are known for contributing additional storage in the kitchen. Utilize the island’s cabinets as storage for small appliances. Homeowners concerned about storing a standing mixer below the island’s counter can add an appliance lift to the storage cabinet to easily raise or lower the mixer.

Install pull-out shelves

How to Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight in Your Kitchen 4

A kitchen cabinet fitted with pull-out shelves provides ideal storage for small appliances. The size of appliances that can be stored inside will depend on the size cabinet used. Typically, a standard pull-out shelf can support between 20 to 100lbs of weight.

Decorate appliances

Hide your appliance in plain sight by including it as a decorative piece in your kitchen. A toaster or a standing mixer, for instance, can be decorated to add pizzazz to a kitchen.

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