Budgeting For Your Kitchen Remodel

Having trouble deciding how much to budget toward your kitchen remodel? We can help! Here’s what a quick and efficient budgeting process should look like.


kitchen renovation on budget

Start by Defining Your Absolute Maximum Spend

Your absolute maximum should be your breaking point, the number that is the difference between you being able to afford it and not being able to afford it. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the budget or aimed spend, this is just the hard cap on spending that you are not willing to go over.


Think About Your Kitchen Lifestyle

How do YOU use your kitchen? What exactly do you need your kitchen to do for you? For example: Do you like to lay out all your ingredients when you cook? You might need more counter space than someone who doesn’t. Are you a family of 8? You might need a bigger fridge than a family of 3 would. This might take you a little bit of time to nail down, but trust us in that if you do it right, it will pay massive dividends in terms of your quality of life.

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Create an order of which things are most important to be upgraded. Break down items into smaller components where necessary. For example: If you are happy with your flooring, you may want to protect the existing flooring and opt to patch the remaining open areas as opposed to getting new flooring altogether.


Set Budget Aside for Hidden Costs

If your remodel includes any structural component – e.g. removing walls or replacing flooring, be prepared for hidden costs. You never know what’s inside the wall until you open it up, and you never know what’s under the flooring until the area is exposed. I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


Budgeting For Your Kitchen Remodel 1


Consult an Expert

Doing your own research is one thing, but you will never know for sure unless you speak with somebody who has done this before.

A kitchen designer could have an easier and/or cost-cutting way to get around some high costs and could also tell you when and where shortcuts are not an option. Either way, working with an expert designer brings you added value in ensuring that your project is done the most cost-effective way possible, while still making sure that it checks all the structural, technical, and functional boxes.

Armed with your absolute maximum spend, kitchen lifestyle, and priorities, a professional kitchen designer can cook up the best way for you to go about your project in a way that fits your budget and priorities. Look at those prerequisites as your ingredients to a nice meal and the designer as your chef.


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