How Much Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

How Much Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Custom kitchen cabinets are critical for allowing you to customize and curate the style and design of your kitchen renovation project — exciting and innovative kitchen designs require custom cabinets to maintain your vision.

A common question when renovating your kitchen, “How much are custom kitchen cabinets?” More than just the aesthetic appeal, hardware, and finishes homeowners can select from their cabinetry; Custom is all about accommodating unique shapes, designs, and layouts; utilizing fresh and leading-edge materials, and ensuring that quality manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, and durability are at the centre of your kitchen remodel. There’s no other way to spin it: custom kitchen cabinetry is more expensive than non-custom, or standard cabinetry solutions. The nature of custom translates to craftsmanship, attention-to-detail, and unique end products. But how expensive are custom kitchen cabinets?

As the old saying goes: you get what you pay for.

Let’s talk about the pricing structure and expense of custom kitchen cabinets.

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Goals & Features

You’re designing your dream kitchen, and that means no opportunity should be passed up, or stone left unturned – everything should be investigated prior to making decisions, and that means taking stock of your goals for space.

Everyone has a different vision for their kitchen renovation, but a commonality remains in a few categories; creating robust and accommodating storage solutions, increasing practicality and function, elevating style.

Cabinets serve as the focal point in any kitchen remodel, and they’re solely responsible for reaching all these important goals. A standard cabinet may help you reach the same goals, but not in the same fashion, with the same quality, and certainly not as a viable investment.

Cue custom cabinetry; Unusually designed and/or shaped kitchens, as well as eclectic homeowners searching for something different, will require custom cabinetry. The custom-fit is tailored to your space, rather than standard cabinets that are purchased as a ready-made kit.

  • Custom means additional drawers and storage to increase ease of use and boosted organization.
  • Keen entertainers may benefit from the showmanship and craftsmanship of glass inserts in their custom cabinetry doors.


Custom cabinets also come with the option to expand the repertoire of your kitchen space and include some custom features that standard cabinets simply won’t accommodate.

  • Under cabinet butcher blocks
  • Under cabinet outlets
  • Pull-out spice racks
  • Integrated wine racks
  • Undermount lighting
  • Ornate and/or modern corbels
  • Decorative inlay work
  • Pull-out shelving
  • Custom tablet mounts (perfect for prepping digitally accessed recipes)


smoke grey stained kitchen cupboards

The flat sliced white oak was stained our “Smoke Grey” to add in a natural balance to the contrasting dark cabinetry and white countertops.

Price Point

As we’ve mentioned, you get what you pay for – and with custom kitchen cabinets, you’re paying for high-end quality, upscale design, innovative style, durable construction processes, and a dedicated team that creates a dream space specific to your home.

Kitchen cabinets come in three tiers, standard, semi-custom and custom.


  • $60-100 per square foot.
  • Often come unassembled


  • $100-$650 per square foot.
  • Blend the look of a unique build with accessible, ready-made components.
  • Partially assembled.


  • $500-$1,200 per square foot
  • Fully customizable and constructed with high-quality materials.
  • Utilize the highest standards of quality construction processes.
  • Fully tailored to your space and your space alone.
  • Feature many innovative and stylish features and customizable assets.

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Every manufacturer is inherently different in their pricing approach, but a few commonalities remain – price goes a lot deeper than looks. A custom kitchen is a perfect fit for the discerning homeowner who is never quite satisfied with your average run-of-the-mill renovation experience because the average approach means receiving the average result.

Custom cabinets are ideal for those of us eager to invest in the profitability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the center of our homes. The kitchen is arguably the most powerful and effective renovation you can undertake in your home, and represents a primary opportunity to benefit from the perceived value of custom kitchen cabinet design and installation — a space like yours deserves the attention-to-detail that only a custom kitchen cabinetry project can provide.

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