How To: Work With Cabinet Designers

Ever wonder what it is like working with a cabinet designer? Today we’re sharing the Kitchen Art Design process and how to bring your visions to life.

Get Inspired

It is important that you come in with some ideas so that we can guide you to the design that is perfect for you. You don’t need to have all the answers, after all, that’s what the experts here at KAD are for! If you can conceptualize what you would like the finished picture to look like, we can help you refine it into something that works well for your space. Also, it is important to define what the primary function of your new cabinetry will be. Will it be for display, storage, or improved day-to-day efficiency? You can visit Kitchen Art Design on Houzz, Instagram, and Facebook to start building your inspiration gallery!

Define the Details and Pick Your Designer

When it is time for a design consultation, our team will ask you a variety of questions to understand why you are leaning towards a certain design. Know what you like about the cabinets in your inspiration gallery. Is it the shaker style door fronts, the glass front cabinets, or is it the colour, stain or material of the cabinets? Knowing the little details that you like in the cabinetry will help us to make recommendations based off or your taste and what you conceptualize the finished product looking like.

Also, although we specialize in custom crafted cabinetry, we can help guide you in picking out the right countertops, appliances, tile and paint to make your entire vision come to life. This includes taking components from your flooring, paint or tile to the lab and getting a custom paint or stain colour matched to your cabinets. We want each detail of your cabinet design to be unique to your individual style and needs.

Listen and Understand

Once you have shared your vision with one of our designers, it is time to listen to his or her ideas on your project. We take great pride in having an extremely seasoned and expirience design team, and this is why it is important to take our advice into consideration. We will make sure that we understand at a deep level your preference, style and taste, and what you would like the final picture to look like. From here, we will offer advice and tips to getting something that fits into your timeline, budget, and style of the project. We think of the little things that you may not have thought of, like where to place your outlets, what special storage solutions you need, or if you have kids and need a material that is a bit more durable. All of these little details is what will help make your space truly unique and functional for exactly what you need.

Review The Designs

It is important that you set aside time to thoroughly review your cabinet designs. We can walk through your space and compare it to the drawings, so you know what size, depth, and functionality each specific cabinet may have. We want to make sure that these designs are exactly what you are looking for in your final product, and we won’t get you to sign off on them until you are absolutely confident in the design.

Express and Communicate Your Concerns

We expect that there will most likely be changes after the first draft of the design. We will prepare to offer insights into each specific detail of the design, and work with you to collaborate on a finished product. If the designers have deviated from your designs a bit, it may be because we are seeing something that you have missed. Nonetheless, each reason will always have a rationale behind it and we will work alongside you during this process to make sure you are pleased with the end results, after all, this is your project and our job is to make your visions a reality!

Work Out Compromises

Remember that almost all designs are a compromise because of a variety of competing elements- cost, a spouse or partner who has a different opinion than you, or the style vs. function issue. We will do our best to understand your priorities so that we can help you make these hard choices.

Enjoy Your Finished Product

Remember, this process should be an exciting one! The number one thing we love about our job is seeing our clients’ visions come to life! Our job is not finished until you are 100% satisfied. We value the relationships that we make with our clients and enjoy seeing your finished product. Ready to get started, or have a question? Contact us today!