Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island With Custom Cabinets




Kitchen islands are popular elements in modern kitchen designs. Once it can be accommodated, an island can increase a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and utility and add value to the home.

The benefits of having a kitchen island can include:

  • Increased countertop space
  • Additional storage space
  • Extra seating
  • Secondary prep area
  • Cooking area
  • Breakfast nook

Design with primary function in mind

Designing a kitchen island can be an exciting venture, more so if it’s part of a larger kitchen renovation project. Incorporating custom cabinets, shelves and drawers on this versatile part of the kitchen can showcase not only homeowners’ style but also their creativity.

To maximize the utility of the island, determine ahead what you need from the area. What do you want its primary function to be? Knowing whether it is to be, for instance, primarily for storage or food preparation can direct your island’s cabinetry and overall design.

There are many design options using custom kitchen cabinets from which a homeowner may choose or get inspiration. Here are a few of them.

Three-in-one island

Dinner parties just got easier! Space permitting, homeowners may consider an island fitted with a built-in cooktop, a seating area at the opposite end of the island and their choice of shelves, cabinets or drawers for storage. This island allows you to create meals, eat and store items in one convenient space.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island With Custom Cabinets 1

Glass-front cabinets

Glass doors are typically used on top-mounted cabinets to direct visual lines to the back of cabinets for an open, more spacious feel or to display glassware, dinnerware or antiques. Consider using glass door cabinets at the back of the island. Similar to top-mounted cabinets, these cabinets can be used to showcase decorative pieces or glassware.

Floating island

Mirror cabinets on the island do triple duty by providing storage, reflecting light and illuminating the kitchen, and elevating the wow factor of the room. Similar to glass front cabinets, mirrored cabinets are typically top-mounted. They are sure to make a statement in your kitchen as these cabinets make the island appear to float in mid-air.

Deep Drawers

When homeowners think of drawers on a kitchen island, they immediately visualize a bank of three small drawers or a line of drawers above mounted cabinets usually used for cutlery, cooking utensils and knickknacks. These smaller drawers are quite useful. But for your island’s design, visualize instead multiple drawers that are wider and deeper, in which you can stash your bowls, kitchen appliances or dishes. Bear in mind that if you plan on storing these or other bulky items in the drawers, they must be suitably designed for weight-bearing.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island With Custom Cabinets 2

Open shelves

Shelves are becoming a popular storage option for homeowners, whether open, enclosed in cabinets or mounted on walls. They are a versatile option for the back of an island. Picture your recipe book collection or decorative accessories on display. As shelves are notorious for collecting clutter, be mindful of keeping the area clutter-free.

Storage combo

A combination of storage options placed along the perimeter of the island can be used to meet the needs of the most discerning homeowner. Open shelves can be used for displaying cookbooks or other collectibles, cabinets can be used to store pots and pans, and deep drawers can be used to store appliances. Apply colour to complement walls and remaining kitchen cabinets.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island With Custom Cabinets 3

Bring your kitchen island ideas to life

Do you need help converting your ideas for a perfect island using custom cabinets into a cohesive design? Or are you unsure of exactly what you want? Allow us at Kitchen Art Design to lend you our design and building expertise honed over more than 30 years. Our designers take an experienced and creative approach to meeting your design needs, and our cabinet makers carefully and skilfully bring your cabinet designs to life.

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