Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs You Need to See





Thinking about updating your kitchen? Custom kitchen cabinets are a great way to make a change, express your own unique style, or add greater functionality to your kitchen. For many homeowners, a kitchen remodel is high on the list of home projects they wish to undertake. Some of the reasons for their wish to renovate include a desire for more space, greater storage, or even simply updating the appearance of an older home.


Whatever reason you might have for remodelling your kitchen and changing your kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to know what’s popular and trending in kitchen cabinet design. To give you some ideas for your own project, here are some kitchen cabinet trends you need to see.


  • Creative Lighting


A simple change that can have a significant impact, under-cabinet lighting is more than a great design element. While the first thing many might notice is that it is clearly quite attractive, it is also useful. Using LED lighting is an increasingly popular choice due to its energy-efficient nature, making your kitchen more eco-friendly. This type of lighting can be added to shelving, and light bars are perfect for long and narrow surfaces.


  • Colour Customization


This is another simple means of making a visual impact without having to break the bank. Being relatively easy and inexpensive, you can change colour more often than other elements in your kitchen. You’ll be able to experiment, knowing that if you don’t like the results, it’s relatively easy to make a change.

Kitchen trends

In 2022, colourful kitchen cabinets are trending. This is a means of adding a brighter appearance with darker woods being bold and stylish. They pair well with dark green, blue, or navy.


  • Open Shelving


While traditional kitchen cabinetry is closed, many are finding that open shelving can be an attractive option. One advantage of this style is that it creates the impression of having greater space. This can be particularly welcome in a smaller kitchen that could otherwise feel a bit cramped.

custom millwork

Open shelving can also be convenient as it makes everything visible with mugs, bowls, and plates being more readily accessible and easier to grab. This type of shelving can also be used to display ornamental items, cookbooks, and more. If all the items on display are well curated, they can also add to the overall visual impact of the room.


Custom millwork can turn your ideas into reality. Create the perfect mix of open and traditional cabinets to suit your home. Talk to our design team to see what we can do with your kitchen space.


  • Slab Door Cabinets


On the other hand, if you choose to have closed cabinets, you may wish to consider slab doors which have neither handles nor knobs. Instead, they typically have fronts that are flat and frameless. They may also have a glossy appearance. This style gives your cabinets a sleek, modern look that works especially well with a minimalist aesthetic.


  • Minimalism, Or Getting A Lot Out Of A Little


There is a general trend, not just in kitchen cabinets, of people wanting to streamline and simplify their lives. The minimalist approach opts for a very clean, simple design, free of the clutter that some find distracting.


Although some will consider the minimalist style to be too plain or even outright boring, that doesn’t have to be the case. While minimalism may bring to mind images of sterile white surfaces that are almost completely empty, you can maintain a minimalist appearance and mindset even when you add in bright and energetic colours or dark and warm tones. Minimalism doesn’t require empty spaces, but rather an ability to remove the unnecessary.


  • A Clean and Simple Aesthetic


Continuing from the previous point, maintaining a simplified aesthetic that is not quite minimalism is also growing more popular. Again, this doesn’t require removing everything or hiding it all away, but rather including smooth, simple appearances and elements such as handles and knobs that are less pronounced and which blend into the background more easily.


  • Unpainted Wood


Unpainted wood is trending again, or perhaps we should say trending still, as it is not new.

Kitchen Cabinet trends

Unpainted wood has a warm and natural appeal. The type of wood chosen will affect the appearance, allowing for some variety. White oak has gained popularity, finding greater favour than red oak, which has taken a step back for the time being.


  • Adding Smart Technology


It’s hard to escape modern technology, as it is so thoroughly integrated into our daily lives. Unsurprisingly, it is now working its way into various parts of the home, including the kitchen. Appliances, and even our very homes, are becoming smarter, and as time passes, everything is becoming more interconnected. We can interact with our appliances by using our smartphones, tablets, and computers. The appliances themselves are now sometimes even acting on our behalf, such as when your fridge notifies you that you need to buy more milk.


The integration of these smart appliances is another trend for this year and may very well continue for some time to come. Custom cabinetry is now being built to accommodate these smart appliances, with built-in charging stations for phones and tablets. Some cabinets are even designed with built-in TVs, useful when watching a cooking show on instructional video while making supper.


Possibly the greatest trend in custom kitchen cabinets, however, lies in the ability to make nearly anything you can imagine to create your perfect kitchen. Your choices in custom kitchen cabinets, whether you follow the current trends or your own instincts, will help you create the ideal kitchen for all your needs.


For more custom cabinet ideas or to discuss building what you already have in mind, contact us today. We Look forward to hearing from you!