Custom Cabinet Spotlight: The Appliance Garage

Your toaster, your coffee maker. Blender. Mixer. Food processor. The modern kitchen is made for cooking and entertaining guests in a culinary sphere - and the modern kitchen needs equipment to make magic happen. The only issue is where to store and accommodate all these cumbersome food prep gadgets.

There are a number of styles and different functioning appliance garage designs available today, so there’s always a unique custom cabinet solution to help harness the subtle power of concealment. In this post, we’re putting the custom kitchen cabinet spotlight on the appliance garage.


Folding Doors

The trusted old classic. Folding appliance garage cabinet doors are like any other cabinet door set up you’d find in your kitchen, so this style is excellent for blending in the storage solution and not drawing attention from the rest of the space.

This style of appliance garage is typically found at a countertop level and can use an existing prep space as a new home for your appliances. This is an easy, accommodating, and simple aesthetic that adds classic function and unassuming style to the kitchen while removing your gaggle of appliances from view.


Rolling Doors

The rolling appliance garage door pays homage to the utilitarian functionality of the garage door - easily opened to reveal a vast open space with loads of storage options.

The rolling door option is fantastic in cramped kitchen spaces where making a wide open space is important to not only maximize storage space, but to open up perceived square footage for food prep and to simply get the door out of the way to make room for guests, a drink, or a slew of cook books, fruit bowl, or coffee accouterments.

The rolling appliance garage door is also great for keeping additional appliances concealed. Simply roll up the door to gain access to the coffee maker on the bottom of the garage, while the lesser used appliances - such as a mixer, or food processor remain perfectly out of sight and out of mind.

There’s also a unique aesthetic appeal to the reveal of a roll up door. With a couple subtle lighting additions inside, a dedicated coffee station equipped with a rolling door adds a sense of importance and drama to your coffee fix, or even a wine/wet bar.


Lift up!

An effortless appliance garage option, and one that comes with a more custom cabinet feel is the life up hinge door. Doors that lift up and out of the way, rather than off to the sides are convenient, take up less counter space, and can be always tailor made to blend seamlessly into your dream kitchen aesthetic.

The specialized hinges on these doors make the magic happen, adding user-friendliness to the list of advantages. The doors are equipped to remain open in a propped up position, and effortlessly pull back down.



If countertop space comes at a premium in your kitchen space, sliding doors are a great way to maximize what space you have while also providing a space to hide your appliances. With a sliding door, you don’t have to worry about clearing the countertop off prior to grabbing the blender or the mixer - simply slide the door to the side, and maintain access to space, and your appliance garage.

When they’re closed, homeowners can opt to outfit the slider with the same material and continue the aesthetic of a continued backsplash, allowing the style of the kitchen to flow through the space, drawing attention away from the storage facility.

Custom Cabinet Spotlight: The Appliance Garage 1

Tuck-In Doors

The piece de resistance of appliance garages is the tuck-in door style. The main shelves of many appliance garages can be tailor made to pull out in tandem with the tuck in doors, helping homeowners to more easily access heavy, cumbersome, or bulky appliances like a cake mixer, or a large toaster oven.

Meanwhile the doors that close the appliance garage swing open and tuck into the sides of the cabinet itself to be removed from the space, keeping them out of the way. In some spatial situations, having a lift up door would mean eliminating your line of sight from inside the appliance garage, whereas a tuck in door is hidden from view completely.



The humble appliance garage solves the appliance clutter issue by providing a dedicated space tailor made to store your favourite quintessential kitchen tools and get them off your kitchen island or countertop so you can open your space up to your guests - or enjoy the crispness of a wide open, tidy space.