Constructing the Ultimate ‘She Shed’

The most exciting thing about recreating an existing shed is the adventure of reimagining its purpose and giving life to a new space.

All that really needs to be done, is to make it as comfortable and as accommodating as possible. Decorate how you wish, furnish the space how you wish, make it as airy and open as you’d like, or create a closed off space geared towards maximum productivity and concentration - it’s up to you. We’d recommend taking this opportunity to finally get around to cleaning out and decluttering your backyard shed and giving yourself a clean slate. Give it a fresh coat of paint, a new floor, and a window or two to gauge the difference and start something great.

Alternatively, you can purchase a new pre-fab shed structure from any number of sources and plop down a ready-made She Shed shell from which you can personalize to no end. Third, building the space from scratch gives you optimal control over the layout and size of your room, allowing you to position it where and how you wish.

Constructing the Ultimate ‘She Shed’ 1


Are Men Allowed?

Totally. Gender segregation has no place in 2019.

While a true She Shed should always be built with the utmost respect for a woman’s creative vision, there’s no saying the space must have a decidedly feminine space. A She Shed can ooze masculinity as easily as it can femininity, and could feature a bar, a dart board, or even a TV for catching the game or enjoying a night of Netflix.

A She Shed can always be a beacon of togetherness, of openness, and of hospitality, so feel empowered to open your doors to friends and family of the opposite sex. In fact, this is a great opportunity to showcase the incredible job you’ve done in renovating a simple garden shed into a space people actually want to spend time.



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No idyllic space is complete without durable, functional, and stylish storage. One of the most easily definable She Shed characteristics is a lack of overwhelming floor space. With compact square footage to work within the majority of existing garden sheds, functional storage is critical for helping design a fluid space that utilizes every available square inch with purpose.

Depending on your vision, your She Shed is probably going to need some form of workstation, whether that be a countertop, a workbench, a standing desk, etc from which to sit, work, or stand near. Second, to that fact, the minimized space means a custom approach is likely inevitable.

Custom designed built-in storage is a match made in heaven for She Shed applications. Utilizing high-quality materials with time-honored manufacturing processes is a surefire way to ensure durability, reliability, and a sleek, stylish fit become the pillars of your She Shed’s storage solutions. Applying our knowledge of custom cabinetry, consider how an appliance garage cabinet on top of a corner base cabinet could elegantly house your pop-up wet bar, electronics, or spare blankets.


Style & Entertaining

The quintessential She Shed is a space to retreat from the daily grind and enjoy some downtime with friends, family, or by yourself - but furthermore, it’s all about injecting your identity and personality into a space that’s dedicated to your emotional and mental well being. Style is more than fancy features and expensive components - it’s just as much about finding clever and adaptable ways to bring your style into a space in terms of layout, mobility, and accessibility. The most coveted She Shed features that help accentuate modern and chic style include ample access to natural light, clever and accommodating storage features, dynamic and mobile seating arrangements, and a clutter-free zone that easily transitions into an entertainers dream.

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Try using a narrow base cabinet to maximize floor space while using overhead cabinets above the doorway in tall She Sheds to help draw the eye upward and create much-needed storage at the same time. Consider painting your space in a bright, crisp white or an off-green hue to help usher in the sensation of freshness and cleanliness. Put your favourite books and magazines on display to create a killer reading nook, and consider installing a mini wine fridge to your cabinetry base to entertain guests with a cold beverage, or a light snack.

Rustic designs work exceptionally well in She Sheds given their backyard, down-home appeal from the get-go, but a crisp and modern style helps to beautifully juxtapose the natural surroundings of the backyard very well and create a dynamic of separation and of delightful isolation. Combining the two help to update and modernize the space to reflect its humble roots, while showcasing a dedication to modernity, style, and personal flair; leave the rafters exposed, embrace the squeaky door, and



There are no rules saying your She Shed needs to be outfitted with all the modern touches of home, either. Some of the most alluring and exciting She Shed designs we’ve seen allow for the whimsical and nostalgic warmth of candlelight to carry the style and energy of the space while utilizing the power from your laptop to play a Bluetooth speaker for musical accompaniment.

Creating an off-grid She Shed is not only more affordable and much simpler from a design and construction standpoint, but it also speaks to the desire to get away from the overwhelming detractors of modern life. When you opt to leave the power out, you allow yourself room to relax with little more than a good book and some good company to fill your time.



Constructing the ultimate She Shed can be about needing to create a dedicated home office, a reading nook, a potting shed, or an entertaining space away from the hustle and bustle of the heart of the home — they’re unique in that they provide women a way to reclaim the backyard as a haven for downtime, and for that, we wholeheartedly support the idea.

The She Shed may not be the heart of the home, but it’s a great place to recharge the soul and give your mind a headstart on the complexities of life. Moreover, it’s never a bad idea to give yourself space to focus on your personal wellbeing. Here’s to you.