Common Features of Our Custom Kitchen Cabinets

In this post, we get specific, and discuss some of the common features of our custom kitchen cabinets.

For over four decades, Kitchen Art Design has built a long and storied reputation as high-end custom cabinetry makers, innovative and creative designers and artisans, and providers of unparalleled attention-to-detail — we infuse all these common features into our custom kitchen cabinets as a marker of our commitment to character.

Custom built kitchen cabinets come with an array of exclusive benefits for their buyers – like the peace of mind you’re investing in a space that’s truly yours – and one that’s going to live alongside you and your family for years to come. While we can’t claim to have invented the wheel, so to speak, we can claim to keep that same wheel from veering off track. Our consistency and dedication to a quality product keep us at the forefront of the cabinetry industry.

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While not a physical trait of our custom cabinets, a big part of our process is getting to know you, your vision for your space, and the aspects of your lifestyle that we can interweave in your own unique cabinetry design.

All too often, we hear stories of so-called professional kitchen designers who rush through the design process with their clients – ignoring their ideas, and building them something they didn’t ask for, or something they think they would like.

We work with you to discover how we can be of service to you and your kitchen renovation project, rather than regurgitate the current trends. We take into account an inventory of your kitchen needs; appliances, linens, cutlery, specialty items, etc., that will need to have a home in your new space. We decipher how you enjoy entertaining, and how you use your kitchen most regularly to help dictate our design direction.

This common feature of our custom kitchen cabinetry process puts you first – and we’re proud to offer this to each and every client we work with.


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Quality Materials

The single most important feature that separates quality kitchen cabinets from their stock and semi-custom counterparts is utilizing the upper echelon of quality materials — particle boards, composite materials, or cheap fibreboard need not apply.

We’re proud purveyors of high-quality materials that not only look fantastic but stand up to the rigorous demands of a busy and invigorated culinary space. We use all-plywood construction in the manufacturing process of our cabinets to ensure stronger holding power for screws, but also to resist moisture, bare weight, and provide resistance to dings, scratches, and dents.

We routinely work with fine hardwoods like maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, and even walnut to give our clients a distinctively high-end cabinet door, and quality that is evident at first glance, and up close. We strive you use the best materials we can access to give extended life and character to our custom cabinetry creations.

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Strong Joinery & Drawer Construction

High-quality cabinetry deserves – and demands – high-quality construction processes and durable, strong joinery techniques honed by professional and experienced craftsmen.

Drawer construction needs to be strong and durable, as the drawers of a kitchen are one of the most commonly used aspects in the space. They house our cutlery, cutting boards, sometimes hide away our waste bins and recycling and store our heavy-duty pots and pans. They’re regularly banged, slammed, and jammed open – so their construction best combat this type of use by exemplifying quality and strength.

The go-to drawer construction method we prefer is the classic Dovetail joint, an aesthetically stunning, and very strong joinery technique that uses hand-cut or machined dovetail jigs that fit seamlessly to provide maximum rigidity. Sometimes clients prefer a classic mortise and tenon joint, one of the most elegant and strongest joints available, revered for its tight seams and fluid appearance.

Common Features of Our Custom Kitchen Cabinets 2

Reliable Hardware

Prime cabinet door and cupboard construction is only useful if the materials used to hold it all together can also match that quality. Custom kitchen cabinets like ours feature unique and high-end hardware to pronounce the strength and quality of our products.

We use under-mount soft-close drawer hardware and soft-close high-end stainless steel hinges to help in the prolonged life of our cabinets, but also to add a zest of elegance and safety to a simple an act as opening and closing a drawer or cupboard.

Custom kitchen cabinets from Kitchen Art Design come with more than a long laundry list of quality characteristics and features. They also come with a dedication to character, personality, and resilience to all that life can throw your way.

We build custom cabinets for those who understand a kitchen is the central grounding point of your home – where your family gathers to entertain, converse, and be together. We build our cabinets to match the quality of life you deserve.

Have a question or want to get started on a project? Reach out to us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help.