Choosing the Right Cabinet Maker




The best kitchen cabinets are beautiful works of craftsmanship that last for many years. They’ll also meet your unique needs and reflect your personal style if they’re customized. On the other hand, poorly constructed kitchen cabinets become eyesores in as little as a year or two. Their doors become crooked, drawers start to sag, faces appear scratched, and hinges are loosened. Issues such as these can throw off the aesthetics of your kitchen.

That’s why you need to be selective when hiring a cabinet maker. A reputable and competent cabinet maker will use quality wood and unique designs to create your custom cabinets. They take great pride in their work and will do their best to execute your vision for your kitchen. You’ll need to do some screening of potential hires, even after conducting a search on the internet and asking for referrals from friends and family.

Below are some signs a cabinet maker is right for you.

The Cabinet Maker is Personable and Professional

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You’ll get a sense of a cabinet maker’s communication style during your initial conversation. Good communication can make a huge difference in the quality of your overall experience, so make sure to choose a cabinet maker that values customer relations and makes you feel at ease.

The Price is Right

A budget is necessary for projects such as the construction of kitchen cabinets. A fixed budget allows you to narrow your search down to the best candidate. This doesn’t mean that you should be quick to dismiss cabinet makers with high rates. Sometimes high rates may be indicative of impeccable work, or the cabinet maker could just be overpriced.

On the other hand, an inexpensive rate could be a tell-tale sign that you may end up with a mediocre custom cabinet, or maybe the cabinet maker is more ethical than their expensive peers. Probe some more before making a decision purely on cost.

The Cabinet Maker is Accommodating

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You want to work with a cabinet maker who can help you with the details when planning. They can make suggestions if you aren’t working with an idea. If you do have an idea, they’ll make recommendations that enhance your vision, which will guarantee that you get a kitchen cabinet design that’s uniquely yours. A good cabinet maker is also objective enough to point out if your idea wouldn’t be feasible for the type of renovation.

In addition, they should be flexible enough to allow you to make decisions and not insist on their way all the time.

The Cabinet Maker Strives for Perfection

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You don’t just want a cabinet maker who has the know-how. You need someone with excellent craftsmanship. A good cabinet maker pays keen attention to the details of the design during the planning phase. Additionally, they should have a preference for superior materials, hardware and construction methods.

A cabinet maker with such a reputation should be able to match millwork, trim or furniture pieces seamlessly. They should be competent to do all of the cabinetry work instead of ordering premade items such as doors.

Previous Clients Can Sing Their Praises

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You should be able to get references from previous clients so that you can learn more about the cabinet maker’s reputation. You can also look at reviews left on their website and Google business listings or comments on social media pages. The reviews will offer valuable insight into the quality of service that your potential custom cabinet maker has to offer.

It might also be helpful if you get the opportunity to see some of their work up close. One way to do this is to visit their showroom (they’ll have one if they’re serious about cabinetry).

Another way is to accept the invitation to see kitchen cabinets at a previous client’s home (if you know that person, of course). Seeing the custom cabinet in person will allow you to feel confident that your prospective cabinet maker’s work can last for years to come.

The Cabinet Maker is Multifaceted
Choosing the Right Cabinet Maker 4

If the potential cabinet maker does their finishing themselves, then that’s a plus. Some don’t, but they can make up for it by exercising good quality control when contracting out the finishing work.

They should also be highly competent to work on other wood projects. Having this ability assures you that you don’t have to look elsewhere for people to work on other related projects in your home.

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