The Best Laminates For Your Kitchen Cabinets



In today’s modern kitchen designs, laminates are an increasingly popular option for finishing cabinets. Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours, laminates can be used to instantly transform a drab kitchen into a visually striking space.

Laminates are bonded sheets of material commonly used to finish furniture, floors and walls in both residential and commercial settings. They provide a hardy, cost-effective and versatile alternative to natural materials like wood, metal and leather. Durable, moisture-resistant and easy to maintain, this material can provide added strength and protection for your kitchen cabinets.

Determining which laminates are best suited for your cabinets will largely depend on your style and budget.

Gloss finish laminates

Gloss finish laminates are a great choice for brightening your kitchen. The mirror-like exterior helps to reflect light, illuminating the room. Gloss finish laminates are ideal for smaller kitchens as lighter colours make the area appear larger.

Homeowners need not worry about grease and stains on cabinets as the surfaces are easy to clean. But the downside to glossy cabinets is that they readily show smudges, dust particles and fingerprints.

Matte finish laminates

For a contemporary, elegant look, opt for matte finish laminates. These laminates have a very little sheen and are resistant to scratches and dust, making them a low maintenance option.

Matte finish laminates won’t fade from exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals. Choose darker matte laminates for an even longer lifespan.

The Best Laminates For Your Kitchen Cabinets 1

Textured laminates

Textured laminates are designed so that you can feel the texture or pattern. They can, therefore, imitate natural materials like wood and stone at a fraction of the cost. While scratch-resistant, textured laminates tend to trap grease and grime, a solution of soap and water easily removes any build-up.

Solid colour laminates

Solid colour laminates are monochromatic, without print or pattern. Use them on your cabinets to add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen. Mix and match colours to create interest and reflect your unique taste. Ensure, however, that cabinet colours are complementary to the kitchen’s colour scheme.

Solid colour laminates are available in both gloss and matte finish.

Metal finish laminates

Incorporate metal finish laminates into your kitchen design for a sleek, ultra-modern look. Note, though, these laminates are priced higher than other laminates, and there are relatively few colours to choose from.

Acrylic finish laminates

Finish your cabinets with acrylic laminates to create a high-end, luxurious look in your kitchen. Acrylic finish laminates are resistant to moisture and will not fade from exposure to sunlight.

Acrylic finish laminates can be comparatively expensive, prone to scratches and need frequent cleaning as they show impressions.

These laminates are great for their advanced properties:

Fire retardant laminates

Fire retardant laminates are made especially for fire-prone areas like your kitchen. The laminate sheets are treated with fire-resistant chemicals that retard the spread of flames, minimize smoke emissions and delay the rise in temperature of the laminate.

Antibacterial laminates

Maintaining a sterile kitchen can be a challenge, especially with young children around. Along with your normal hygiene practices, utilize antibacterial laminates made to discourage the growth of bacteria and pathogens. Antibacterial laminates add another layer of protection to your kitchen, ensuring that the area is kept germ free.

Anti-fingerprint laminates

Homeowners with a high traffic kitchen can consider laminates with new finger-proof technology. Anti-fingerprint laminates are permanently resistant to heat, smudges, smears and streaks, making them easy to maintain.

Choosing the right laminates for your cabinets can prove to be quite an overwhelming task, as the kitchen cabinet design ideas are endless. Consider hiring a kitchen designer who can help narrow your choices.

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