The Benefits of Working With a Custom Cabinet Designer

The Benefits of Working With a Custom Cabinet Designer

The dream of having a signature kitchen with elements that showcase your taste, lifestyle and preferences are difficult to achieve without professional help. Your kitchen cabinets are by far the most visible focal point of the entire room. Should you choose a custom designed cabinet approach or to get the pre-built, off-the-shelf stock types that are available everywhere? Cookie cutter type cabinets may now be viewed as cliché. Worse, you may actually begin to lose value in your home if your cabinet structure is not up to par with the rest of the property. Let’s get into just a few of the key reasons why it is better to get your kitchen cabinets custom designed and fitted.

Benefits of Working with a Custom Cabinet Designer

There are a number of significant benefits to choosing a custom cabinet designer. The list is not in any particular order and is certainly not exhaustive since the benefits are quite extensive.


The hands-on experience that custom designers bring to the table are unrivalled. The meticulous planning and execution they offer is a result of skills honed from many years of working with different spaces, materials and clients’ personal styles. A custom design can recommend the right type of design that will help you achieve your desired outcome with minimal stress

Cabinet Trends

New Trends and Styles

Since cabinet designers are always on top of their game, they know the styles to check for when it comes to what’s hot and what’s out. They are better placed to advise you, the client, on the latest trends, materials and space utilization techniques that are fresh in the market. Their valuable research and experience are essential in helping you articulate your need. You should also employ your designer to give you that trendy look without committing you to a trend that will fall out of style and leave you with an out of date kitchen when it is time to sell your home.


Unique Function Ideas

The ability of a custom cabinet designer to express your ideas on to your space gives them the creative license to develop non-conventional concepts that are based on your requirements. This makes them fun to work with as they are able to incorporate newer ideas such as the pull-out spice racks and pull out pantries that are part of the new minimalist concept.


Repairs and Maintenance

Another critical factor in choosing custom design over pre-built is that you can get crucial after sales support. This is important to consider if you have small children or pets in the home – accidents and incidents are never planned for and occur when they are least expected. Additionally, with prolonged use, it is natural to expect some wear and tear. With these things in mind, it would be in your best interest to choose to work with a builder who knows how to best implement custom repairs and maintenance.

There are also certain advantages to hiring a custom cabinet designer during the building process. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

The Benefits of Hiring a Custom Cabinet Designer in the Building Process

Even if you are a D.I.Y. fanatic, most of us do not have the time to upgrade our cabinets to our ideal standard with materials from the local hardware store. The work may be rewarding, but many people underestimate the time and labour associated with kitchen upgrades. Most of your time will not be spent building – it will be spent planning. Some of the major benefits of having your professional custom cabinet designers include accurate planning and costing, the best material sourcing from their numerous supplier relationships and a wide range of options and sizing that meet your requirements. Let us discuss some of these benefits in more detail.


Accurate Planning, Costing and Design Execution

The beauty of engaging a professional to custom design and build your cabinets is that the process is made easy and hassle-free. They come equipped with the right tools, knowledge and expertise to deliver on your dream kitchen concept. The costing phase is also painless since the designers have the figures of most of the materials by supplier and price at their fingertips. This ensures that design execution is completed in a fraction of the time of a D.I.Y. effort and finished at the highest possible quality.


Sourcing for the Best Material

Custom designers often build strong partnerships with material suppliers because they usually buy in volume and on a regular basis. This allows them to enjoy better rates, and they are often given priority over one time buyers. This benefit translates to their customers since they are then able to extend these privileges forward to the client.

The collaborative effort between you, the homeowner, and the custom cabinet designer result in a unique blend of personal taste, professional execution and excellent use of your floor space. These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect from an investment in a custom cabinet designer for your kitchen.

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