An Exciting New Chapter: Abodian and Kitchen Art Design Join Forces




Hello, valued customers and friends,

We are thrilled to share some significant and exciting news with you today! Our company, Abodian, known for crafting modern, high-quality cabinets in the Seattle Metro and the Lower Mainland, has recently expanded its family by acquiring the distinguished Kitchen Art Design (KAD).

For 30 wonderful years, KAD has been a trusted and respected name in the industry, delivering exceptional quality cabinets strictly in Canada. We admire their dedication to quality, the relationships they’ve fostered with their customers, and their deep roots in the Canadian market.

We understand the value that the KAD brand holds and recognize the trust you’ve placed in them over the years. Because of this, we are committed to preserving the KAD name and continuing the legacy that it has built.

As part of our mission to continually serve you better, the unification of Abodian and KAD under one umbrella promises several exciting benefits. You can expect the same high-quality products you have always loved, paired with increased efficiency and innovative designs.

To clarify any uncertainties, we want to assure you that while the ownership has changed, our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains the same. Your trusted KAD will remain just that – the KAD you know and love, but with a stronger backbone.

Abodian and KAD are two sides of the same coin – we share a common goal of creating beautiful, high-quality cabinetry that suits every lifestyle. We are delighted to enter this new chapter, equipped with more resources, a wider range of designs, and an extended community of customers.

We want to thank you for your unwavering support over the years, and we are excited to step into the future together. We assure you that this is only the beginning of even more remarkable things to come.

Rest assured, the best of KAD and Abodian is yet to be unveiled. Watch this space for updates, new collections, and more. Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us.