7 Ways To Improve Your Workspace In The Kitchen

If you're like the rest of us, you're always looking for ways to make your kitchen seem larger or more efficient when performing tasks in the kitchen. However, this task isn't always easy if you've been burdened with a tiny kitchen. Thankfully, we've put together some ways one can save space in their kitchen - or possibly create more space.

Cutting Board Over The Sink

Since many may not have the luxury of having a kitchen island for preparing meals, it’s likely that one will have to improvise with the little space they have. Thankfully, one can purchase an over the sink cutting board to fix such a problem if you’re strapped on kitchen space. In addition to providing you with more workspace to cook, an over the sink cutting board allows you to rinse your food before (or while) without having to walk away from the sink.

Cutting Board Over The Sink | Kitchen Workspace | Kitchen Art Design

Folding Kitchen Table

If your kitchen counter only offers a limited amount of workspace, having a folding table to double as counter space might be your answer. A folding table will offer you more workspace to prepare or eat meals without taking the space you can’t afford in your kitchen. That’s right, pull out the folding table for a meal and tuck it away when you’re done to keep the space you may (or may not) have in your kitchen.

Create A Kitchen Backsplash

Some have gone as far as creating their own kitchen backsplash to minimize cleaning and keep kitchen tools organized. Of course, you can go out and purchase one, but why not create one yourself? To create your own backsplash, you can simply go to a home improvement store and buy a stainless steel pegboard and modify it to your own pleasing.

Utilize Corners

Do you have corners in your kitchen that have nothing backed against them? If so, work with your kitchen designer and look into corner shelving. Corner shelving is great if you’re looking to utilize every inch of your kitchen, especially if you’re strapped on kitchen space and want to make use of an otherwise bare corner.

Workspace Near The Fridge | Kitchen Art Design

Workspace Near The Fridge?

Even if you only have a small sliver of area between the wall and your refrigerator, you still might have some unused space you never thought was possible. That’s right, installing a small (and concealed) rolling pantry in this sliver of space will free up some room in your pantry. If you’re looking for more places to store your nonperishable or canned goods, this rolling pantry idea will absolutely make your life easier when working in the kitchen.

Utilize Vertical Workspace

If you’ve already tapped just about every horizontal space you have in close proximity, don’t worry… this means that you’ll have to look into building vertically in your kitchen. That’s right, whether it be shelving, cabinetry, magnets, or rails, there’s plenty of ways to create more space by simply building up. Doing so not only allows to dive into your kitchen’s untapped potential but makes your kitchen easier to navigate as you work. For example, a knife block might take up several inches of your counter that you can’t afford, but a magnetic strip will keep your knives within a close proximity so you can easily reach for one when necessary.

Storage In Another Room

If you’re really strapped for space in your kitchen, there’s nothing wrong with using a nook or a closet in a nearby room. Some have even created recessed niches for storing kitchen tools or nonperishable items such as canned goods. If you’d like to keep the items in hiding, installing a small curtain will do the trick.

Considering the information above, there’s plenty of ways one can create an additional workspace in their kitchen (no matter how small it may be.) Thankfully, Kitchen Art Design is here to help you maximize the space and fully unlock your kitchen’s potential. Contact us today for more information regarding how we make your kitchen one of the most productive rooms in your home!