6 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens are notoriously difficult spaces to organize. They’re home not only some of the home’s busiest foot traffic, but they also house a wealth of gadgets, equipment, appliances, utensils, and accessories that take up a lot of space.

Finding and implementing innovative and unique kitchen storage ideas is paramount to solving kitchen dilemmas like hiding and managing pots and pans, and organizing pantries and cupboards. We’re looking at some of the most popular and unique kitchen storage ideas that can help turn a cluttered kitchen into a well-oiled machine.

Add Storage/Display Space Above Your Windows

Clean and Modern White Kitchen | Kitchen Art DesignEvery inch of usable space in the kitchen matters - especially in spaces that are square-footage challenged. One of the most dominant structural features of modern kitchens is a big, broad window to allow ample natural light and offer a commanding view. One of the most innovative way to take advantage of this space is to add storage space and/or display space above your kitchen window.

Adding a row of cupboards above the window can give you a space to hide away some of your seldom-used bowls, trays, and even ornate glassware. Alternatively, adding a simple display shelf above the window can offer an ideal space to ramp up the eclectic-ness of your home, drawing attention to art, plants, and cherished plates or serving bowls.

Optimize Open Shelving

Open shelving cabinetry solutions are popular choices for many homeowners in 2018, with over 81,000 Houzz users cementing the idea as one of the platforms most popular cabinetry option - but the open-concept nature of a very viewable space can become the perfect storm for a cluttered mess that’s difficult to keep streamlined and organized on a daily basis.

Take back these spaces talking to your kitchen design consultant about tidying them with matching woven boxes or bins. Label each bin to denote what goes where to help store and organize spices, canned goods, pastas and other dry goods, and even utensils and Tupperware. Your space will still benefit from the openness of open shelving, but will add a zest of aesthetically charged functionality and storage.

Pull Out Pantry

We’ve always been intrigued by the concept of “pull-out” anything - specifically spice racks and pantry shelves, for their ability to optimize small awkward cupboard spaces and make ingredients and supplies readily available to the chef.

Most pull-out cupboard pantries consist of two racks that slide out above the countertop to accommodate mainstays of the cooking experience - like olive oil, salt and pepper, spices, and sugar. Further to being a unique storage solution, the pull-out pantry helps optimize the effectiveness of the kitchen triangle, eliminating steps between the cooking, prep, and wash stations.

Pull Out Cutting Board

Riding the eave of innovative pull-out storage solutions is the pull-out cutting board. Many of us have an under-counter cutting board storage space that routinely is filled with baking sheets, serving trays and other large items we use on a regular basis. While they may be all in one readily accessible spot, retrieving a cutting board is often met with loud crashes and bangs from accidentally pulling out too many pieces.

The pull-out cutting board option is an incredibly functional and clever storage solution for one of the most-used pieces in the kitchen. Mounted under the countertop, a slidable cutting board, typically made of a chunk of butcher block wood, is always right where you need it. Some pull-out cutting boards are even intuitively placed over a pull-out waste bin cabinetry feature and showcase a hole in them to accommodate food scraps and waste; talk about clever and efficient storage!

Add Shelving to Your Backsplash

6 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas 1The backsplash of your kitchen is a primary example of a classic underused space. With style and aesthetics at the root of its purpose, the backsplash is sometimes a casualty of cover up jobs, thanks to cutting boards, coffee makers, faucets, etc - and this not only takes away from the style of your backsplash, but fills up your limited countertop space as well.

As a solution, implement floating glass shelves into your backsplash design, turning a wasted space into a showcase of both style and function. The nearly invisible shelving solution can be a great place to store coffee, glassware for a wet bar, dish soaps, even an plant or some tasteful kitchen decor.  


Appliance Garage

Appliances are the tools that make out kitchen spaces lean, mean, and functional culinary zones. They’re the powerhouses behind our morning cup of coffee, smoothie production, toast-makers, etc. Without them, we’d be reduced to creating all of these daily luxuries by hand. So while they’re hugely useful to a modern kitchen, they can take up significant space.

Appliance garages, or unique storage spaces for our favourite appliances, are becoming one of the most popular and functional kitchen storage solutions on the market. They innovatively hide and organize the tools we rely on daily, but store them out of sight to streamline and tidy our countertops and cupboard spaces. Tailored to match the existing cabinetry of your kitchen, appliance garages are unique invisible spaces that optimize the practicality and clean aesthetic of our kitchens.

6 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas 2

Awkward corners, cluttered countertops, disastrously messy pantries and open shelving can easily be turned into tidy and stunning spaces when you choose to integrate unique kitchen storage solutions like the ones listed here.

These options are primed to give your kitchen the capability and capacity to remain the sleek showpiece you’ve always wanted - while ramping up usability and practicality.