5 Things You Need to Know About Our Kitchen Cabinets

Customers can smell inauthenticity. They can smell the status quo, and they know when your product doesn’t stack up to the marketing material. There are a lot of promises made in the custom cabinetry business — and that can means it’s easy for a business to say what it needs to say to make a sale. What’s tough - is ponying up the evidence that you’re capable of what you say, and that your products stand up to their expectations.

Over promising to our customers isn’t something we do, but we’re also proud of what we create, and how we create it - so we do promise transparent, genuine kitchen cabinetry that turns a kitchen into your dream kitchen.

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Kitchen Cabinets 1kitchen design

We Stand By Our Products

You need to know that we stand by our word. In manufacturing - whether it’s car parts, appliances, or retail goods - the word guarantee is way used too often - but we place it front row centre of our website for all to see; we mean what we say.

Kitchen Art Design is renowned for our ability to build masterfully crafted cabinets that match exactly what our clients have in mind: quality, style, and durability.

Second, we partner with the most sought after and trusted interior design hardware manufacturers in the business, Trail Appliance, and Blum. Groups that don’t deliver on their guarantee don’t get to maintain partnerships like these for long, and the trust and support we receive from our partners motivates us daily. These brands trust us as much as our customers do, and we don’t take that lightly. Together, we’re responsible for building the best.


5 Things You Need to Know About Our Kitchen Cabinets 2


We Manufacture By Hand

The advent of the assembly line and mechanized production of various hard/soft goods was an industrial revolution that transformed the world, its global economy, and the way societies were able to innovate, progress, and support new ideas.

This form of machine-made product has its time and place - but we believe that custom fabrication and manufacturing of our cabinets and bathroom vanities is a staple of the creative process that ensures and encourages craftsmanship, attention-to-detail, and the highest quality end result. We build our cabinets by hand as much as we possibly can to maintain a tangible connection with our products, and to each project we’re involved with.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker Blueprints | Kitchen Art Design


We Use the Highest Quality Materials

Straight up, you can’t build the best if you don’t use the best. KAD sources the highest quality hardwoods and manmade materials for construction of our custom cabinets, because on top of style, the kitchen sees the most foot traffic and use of any room in the house; our cabinets have to stand up to prolonged, intimate wear and tear. Better materials helps make that easy.

We opt for ¾ inch melamine rather than the industry standard ⅝ inch to ensure lasting durability, structural rigidity, and strength. KAD cabinet doors are made from a wide array of high-quality materials including solid wood profiled doors, wood veneers, and high quality laminate veneer doors, all build upon a hybrid furniture-grade plywood and MDF core, which provides a lightweight, stable foundation.

Rather than the standard 1/8” thick cabinet back panels with hanging rails, we use solid 5/8” thick back panels for increased strength and quality, and to prevent our cabinets from twisting and warping.


We’re All about Functionality

Bright White Kitchen and Granite Island | Kitchen Art Design

Showpieces are great to look at, and great to post on Instagram — but kitchens didn’t earn the reputation as the heart of the home by allowing them to sit idle. A gorgeous kitchen is a requirement for clients eager to manifest their dream kitchen, but this inherently means they’re excited to use and live in their new space - so it best be functional and practical. We speak this language fluently.

We’re purveyors of fine kitchen cabinetry that’s not afraid to roll up its sleeves and tackle the messiest, hottest, dirtiest recipes and culinary confrontations. Our experienced and award-winning team of professional kitchen designers work with you to better understand how you’ll predominantly use your kitchen, how you like to entertain, and what features you’ll enjoy most.

Our design team works to develop a functional kitchen using a concoction of natural light, innovative kitchen island features, accommodating custom storage solutions, and useable counter space by recommending tweaks and changes to your space, according to its dimensions, and your tastes.


We’re Decorated Cabinet Makers

For over three decades, we’ve been tackling the kitchen renovations the competition can’t handle. We’ve developed an ironclad reputation as holding the best track record in the business thanks to our dedication to quality, customer service, and modern, chic, and savvy interior design.

Outside of the kitchen, we’ve created, collaborated on, manufactured, and installed entertainment units, bathroom vanities, custom bars, custom cabinet doors with rare materials, and even custom kitchen pantries.

We proudly brandish two coveted Houzz awards, honouring exceptional achievements in our field - both as the Best of Houzz; in 2017 for Best Design (most popular portfolio), and in 2018 for Best Service (client satisfaction).



High quality custom kitchen cabinets are about integrating creative vision with epic practicality; durability with beauty — real yin and yang. While it may be easy to read the brochure or the blog content, what most manufacturers of custom cabinets neglect to include, is the brass tacks.

What it boils down to, is - we love what we do, and we’ll stop at nothing to help make your kitchen dreams come true