11 Ways to Use Glass in Your Kitchen Cabinets




Incorporating glass in the design of your kitchen cabinets is a fantastic way to display your beautiful dishware, cookbooks and other items. Glass cabinets can bring life to a kitchen that has a monotonous theme and create the illusion of a large, open and airy space.

Custom cabinets are the way to go if you want your glass cabinets to reflect your personality and style. You can draw inspiration from the list below and work closely with your cabinet maker so that they can bring your vision to life.

1. Glass-Front Peninsula Cabinets

Installing glass-front peninsula cabinets is an ideal way to add definition between spaces in an open-floor design. Glass-front peninsula cabinets create an almost seamless partition between your kitchen and dining room. Cabinet makers tend to use this style for upper-level cabinets so that you can display items while minimizing the risk of damage.

11 Ways to Use Glass in Your Kitchen Cabinets 1

2. Glass Door Muntins

Custom cabinets with glass door muntins bring old-world charm to a modern kitchen. Your cabinet maker will craftily integrate glass into wooden grids in whatever pattern you prefer.

11 Ways to Use Glass in Your Kitchen Cabinets 2

3. Frameless Glass-Front Cabinets

Do you desire a more contemporary design? A frameless glass-front cabinet may be perfect for you. This design presents a sleek appearance made up of mostly glass, with one sheet of glass for the entire cabinet front.

Leaded Glass Door | Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen Art Design

4. Leaded Glass Door

Cabinet makers use glass or mirrors to create decorative designs with panels held together by lead, copper or zinc cames—thin strips of metal that form a pattern. This design is an excellent option if you want to incorporate some light and sparkle in your kitchen.

11 Ways to Use Glass in Your Kitchen Cabinets 3

5. Picture-Window Cabinets

Picture-window cabinets are ideal for kitchens that have lots of windows. This kitchen cabinet style seamlessly blends in with the rest of the kitchen when placed directly in front of a window that matches its design. It’s also a sure way to add warmth and illumination to your kitchen.

6. Glass-Front Base Cabinets

Lower cabinetry can be styled just as beautifully as the top with glass-front base cabinets. Each panel of the base is designed with a sheet of glass for a minimalistic and elegant appearance. You can consider it if you don’t have young children.

7. Sliding Glass Cabinets

Another timeless option for displaying your best china, wine glasses and other prized utensils is a sliding glass cabinet. It comes with a recessed track that allows you to slide the two sheets of glass back and forth for easy access.

8. Decorative Glass Cabinets

Add some character and texture to your kitchen cabinets with patterns and finishes such as frosted glass, seeded glass or etched glass. With custom cabinets, you can opt for the pattern that best reflects your personality.

9. Painted Glass-Front Cabinets

Painted glass-front cabinets give you a modern and classy kitchen. You achieve this look by painting the backside of the glass for a glossy effect. The cabinet doors are frameless, elegant and sleek.

10. Arched Glass Door

The arched style shows more of retro and traditional style if that is what you’re going for. The curved shape is a beautiful contrast against the mostly straight lines and shapes in a kitchen. It also adds sophistication to the display.

11. Tall Glass Cabinets

Tall Glass Cabinets | Kitchen Cabinets Vancouver | Kitchen Art Design
Most kitchen cabinets are placed on either side of the kitchen sink or above the counter. Tall glass cabinets are not so conventional. They’re positioned in other areas, are taller than the previously mentioned cabinets, and with the right display items, they can be a focal point in your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets at Kitchen Art Design

Glass kitchen cabinets can range from opaque to translucent, minimalistic to sparkly or from traditional to trendy. The cabinet makers at Kitchen Art Design will work with you to skillfully incorporate glass into the design of your custom cabinets.

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